Tuesday, January 24, 2012

3D Tornado Line Designs-5th Grade

How cool are these?!  My fifth graders started working on these last week.  I found directions for them His students also colored them in with colored pencil.  I only get to see my 5th graders once a week for 30 minutes so we are only going to draw them out and then trace them in sharpie marker if they want.  Everyone did EXCELLANT!  I demonstrated how to start them on a LARGE piece of paper so they could all see what I was doing.

I also drew up the directions step-by-step the same way I explained them at the board so that they had them in front of them to refer to when i was helping someone else (I do this a lot when there are multiple drawing steps, it's a huge help)  I can't remember where I saw the ones that start with the petals.  It may have been on with no directions.  I just looked at them to see where their starting point was.  I also suggest that you draw up several ahead of time to figure out what works and what doesn't.  It will make it SO much easier to exlain the directions to your students.  I even showed them what the wrong way looks like so they could self correct themselves.  I will post the finished pieces when they are done next week!

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