Friday, March 9, 2012

1 Point Perspective - 5th Grade

My 5th graders are starting to finish up their one-point perspective drawings.  The projects have taken about four weeks to work on, but now they are really starting to take shape!  I modified the objectives of the lesson as needed for my students.  These are just a few of the pictures.  I will post more as they complete them.  Thanks to the great directions from Smart Class!  I used them as a starting point to draw up my own instructions and make direction packets for the students to use as they were working.  This way they had the directions I demonstrated right in front of them and could look at them for help if they were waiting for me while I was busy with another student.


  1. I found your blog from a comment on mine. (mrsmaynardsartroom)Very nice and wonderful ideas!! I have been working on one point perspective with my 5th grade as well and it is def. taking longer than I expected! Any tips?

  2. Thanks! My 5ths worked on them for 3 - 4 classes. I see them once a week for 30 min. I found that the most successful students were not necessarily my most artistic but the ones who put in the most effort. It's a tough concept . I teach a 1 point perspective lesson in 3d and 4th with the hopes that each years project is a little easier because of past learned concepts. Some years just get the concept better than others. I am finishing up a 1 point project with my 4ths and for the most part they did really well with it. After talking with our middle school art teacher about it recently she said that they still have trouble with it in 6,7 and 8th. From reading other blogs it seems we all have the same issues with it.

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