Friday, March 16, 2012

Jim Rizzi inspired Cityscapes and Buildings - 3rd & 4th Graders

James Rizzi - (1950 - 2011)  

My third and fourth graders recently finished working on some pieces that were inspired by the art of Jim Rizzi.  Fourth graders created cityscapes that involved at least three buildings and the third graders designed their own individual building that we combined in a class mural to create a large cityscape.  These are still works in progress as classes are still adding individual details to them.  I had never developed a lesson around Jim Rizzi's artwork before, so I developed two separate lessons, two different ways to see which one was more successful.  Both my third and fourth graders loved the project.

I think next year I will only do this lesson with third graders and I will have them do the cityscape lesson, as the students enjoyed making several buildings as well as adding all the background details.  Each class spent time looking at and discussing the art work of Jim Rizzi before they got down to the work of designing their own buildings "with personality". Once the children finished sketching their picture they outlined them in black Sharpie marker and finished by painting their pieces in with watercolor.


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