Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Getting Ready for the 2nd Grade Musical

Working on the ocean back drop for 2nd grades play in music
Every spring our second graders do a musical play with our music teacher.  This year the theme is the ocean.  We have started to get their props and backdrops ready to be used in their dress rehearsals.  Each class is helping to paint and create the back drop.  I had been thinking for a while how I wanted them to paint the ocean.  At first, I was going to have them each paint some wavy lines to represent the water.  However, after seeing Phyl's post about how her third graders painted in the style of Klee, I knew then it was the way I wanted to go with the water!  I began by creating a grid on pink bulletin board paper (it was the heaviest and better to paint on than the other colors).  By using the blocks each child had a defined space to paint in.  I sent the students back to paint in groups of about six to eight depending on the class size.  I let them choose any of the five colors to paint in their blocks and I encouraged them to blend the colors in their block.  Each student painted three blocks.  The photograph shows the work of three classes (I have seven second grades).  Once we get all the blocks painted I will then add a sandy bottom and have the students help make seaweed along with sea creatures in the ocean.  I will post the finished backdrop in a couple of weeks when it is complete.

Each student is creating their own sea creature that they will be holding as a prop during their play.  These just need the tongue depressor added so they can hold on to them.

Each child started by decorating a piece of oak tag using oil pastel and watercolors.

We let these dry and during the second class the students turned them over and began drawing their sea creature.  I gave them each a packet with directions of what they would need to draw for their sea creature. 

Each student started with the same size circle shape and then started creating by adding the necessary body parts to complete their chosen sea creature.  They then cut, glued and decorated!  Everyone loves their creations and can't wait to show them off at their play next month!

A few more of their sea creatures!

I will post more sea creatures as the students complete them! The students and I are  looking forward to seeing the completed mural!

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  1. The sea creatures are cute - I like the process you used, and I'm flattered you used my idea for the water!