Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tree Reflections - 2nd Grade

My second graders created these tree reflections before the holidays.  I found the idea for the project on Artsonia during last summer while browsing through the lesson plan ideas.  In the first class they drew out their trees and the reflections.  I demonstrated how to draw the trees with the oil pastel different ways.  Then I demonstrated how to create the reflection by using a scribbly motion to create a copy of their trees but upside down.  They then used white oil pastel and colored over the tree reflections to give them a watery look.  In the second class the students used watercolor to paint their skies and the water.  I showed them many different color combinations that they could use.  In the third class they used white paint to create a subtle snow fall.  They had the option of painting the dots of snow using their brush gently or using the end of the brush to create their dots.  Most of them used the end of the brush since they could control the size of the dots better.  

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