Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mrs. "C" are you wearing your pajamas?


1st Grader:  "Mrs."C".  Are you wearing your pajamas?"
Mrs."C":  "No sweetie, but I wish I was!"
"Because, that would mean I am home in the air conditioning!"

It has been Un-Godly HOT & HUMID here for the last five days.  Most of them (Thank God!!!) have been vacation days, but the last two have been here at school in rooms with no AC, no air flow and many sweaty, hot children generating even more heat!  We had a new dress policy go into effect this year, and I must say for the most part I have been very good about adhering to it with out complaining. (we can only wear jeans on Fridays and I normally LIVE in jeans).  Today though I said "Forget it!" and put on shorts and a T-Shirt knowing full well I was going to be sweating my brains out while organizing my room for the summer.

Another change was that we could no longer wear backless shoes!  Well, 90% of my shoes do not have backs on them!  I refuse to replace my hoard of very comfy Birkenstocks, so being the creative soul that I am, I crocheted back-straps for all my Birkenstock sandals! "TAH - DAH!!!"  They now have backs for school and I can easily take them off when I don't want them on!  Hoping you are all staying cool and comfortable! 


  1. Ha ha! I love the crocheted strap solution to your Birkis. We pay $ for charitable causes ($1 a week) to wear jeans on Fridays. Doesn't matter what I wear - I seem to always be a mess in the art room.

  2. We have to donate a non-perishable food item or a dollar for the local food pantry at our districts help center. All the proceeds benefit our kids whose families use the help center( and there is a lot). Sometimes we collect for district families in need, we had one of our beloved families lose their home to a fire 2 weeks before Christmas and we are presently collecting for a staff member's son(former student) who is in need of a lung transplant. I also am always a mess! No one looks twice when they see me with paint on my hands or clothes! It expected! :)

  3. Hi, our district only allows jeans on "spirit days" once a month, and you have to wear a shirt with the school logo too. And I, like most other art teachers, come home with all kinds of stuff on my clothes. We're in a class all our own... As for the backless're a smart cookie! If it keeps the wolf away from the door, keep doing it! Have a cool summer... Cynthia S.

  4. Wow, Mrs. C! Nothing like "Big Brother" dictating your wardrobe choices, huh? My district doesn't condone flip flops, but other than that, I pretty much dress "art teacher appropriate" (jeans of all colors)and I am now a diehard Dansko and Jambu fan as far as shoes go. I went through a Birkenstock phase for about 20 years too. Love your camo capris!


    1. Hi Pat! I have some Jambu too. Mine are like half shoe half sandal. Fairly comfy. I adapted to the dress code...lots of comfy kakis(different colors),leggings, tunics,artsy,comfy skirts and dresses. It was a good excuse to get some new clothes and a couple of pairs of new boots this past year! Everything I own is very wash and wear!