Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 7 - No Power

So we made it through the storm without any property damage and I am very, very thankful for that.  My town was devastated with trees and power-lines ripped down as well as hanging everywhere/laying on the ground and across roads.  We are at day seven with no power and our schools are still closed in town.  They hope to get them open by Wednesday. My school district wear I teach in is re-opening today.  The kids just had their Halloween Parade and will "Trick or Treat" in town tonight.  In my home town the kids will "Trunk or Treat" at the high school - still too dangerous to walk the streets.

We are burning lots of wood in the fireplace to keep semi-warmish.  Using the camping stove to cook on the front porch.  Town opened the Senior center as a warming center which has been a god send!  We have been able to charge things, fill water jugs (I have septic and well — No power no water) and get news updates.  Cleaned out/threw out everything in my refrigerator yesterday and need to do the downstairs freezer tonight.  Power is slowly coming back on — Lines were extensively damaged.  If I'm lucky we will be back on line by the weekend (if I'm lucky).  Gas rationing started this weekend so I have to go search for gas after school.  We are on odd/even days and today is my day.  Pray for everyone who lost everything they own...  We will have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving...


  1. Stay strong! It's been a rough week and a half, for sure. Things will eventually get back to normal!

  2. Wow. Be safe. Keep an eye on that fireplace and make sure you are using it safely. They say there's some yucky weather coming this week so make sure you are prepared for it.

    Did you know, we did odds and evens gas rationing back in 1974? I remember it vividly because there was a gas shortage and I was student teaching. We all carpooled and whoever had gas or at least the right license plate to get gas was the designated driver!

    Please keep your spirits up and keep us posted. The whole country is thinking of those of you who were hurt by this storm. And again, above all, stay safe!

  3. Ditto Phil. We are following the situation on the news and thinking of you in Australia also - so glad to hear you are safe! :)Elizabeth

  4. Hi Mrs C, Have been thinking of you a lot and of course all the millions who have been in strife in USA. I can only imagine what it has been like and hope it won't be too long before you have some sort of 'normal' back. for some things can never be the same. I know you will be facing it all as well as you possibly can and the elections are looming. How can you think of voting at this time! Anyway, love and very good wishes to you and yours, Mrs A