Saturday, March 23, 2013

Images from the Art Room

One of my favorite posters

Recycled bottles ready to print flowers!

Coloring mixing time

Remind myself this many, many times...

Always smile!

Busy Kindergarten hands

Chalk anyone?

Always a painting drying in the art room

Third grade creativity

Messy art teacher hands (always!)

So much fun printing our fish!

Loved this collaborative piece from last year! Will do it again!

Busy week, trying to get all the classes caught up before the end of the marking period.  Spring officially came to my part of the woods on Wednesday but it doesn't feel like it yet! Temps in the 30's!  Seems like someone forgot to tell Mother Nature!

Next week is going to be busy again!  Grades to get done, 2nd grade is starting their props and mural for their play in music...  This years theme is outer space!  Monday — Thursday and then...  SPRING BREAK!!!  I don't know who needs it more, the kids or the teachers!  :)


  1. A lovely miscellany of photos from your classroom. I so wish I were one of your students, they look as though they have such fun. You are encouraging so much creativity which will stay...hopefully...with them for ever. Have a good week, Mrs A

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I hope I am... with all the push around here for assessment and testing and scores I feel like the powers that be are missing the "big picture " when it comes to the arts... I work really hard to instill a love to create in my students. :)