Saturday, April 13, 2013

Positive/Negative Designs with a Twist - 4th Grade

One week of school down after a week off for Spring break...  My Fourth Grades started some Positive/Negative designs before vacation.  I was inspired by the beautiful designs from Art with Mr.Hall.  Tuesday I took a look at them and thought they need something else... 

I decided to have them add some color and design to them.  I had the kids pick three colors of their choice.  Each negative space was to be designed using any combination of the three colors, line and shape. 

Detail close-up of student work

The students thought the original design was interesting but they really thought they were cool after they added their details to them!

Thanks again to Mr. Hall for the inspiration!  Enjoy the rest of the pieces!


  1. ooooh love the twist! going to use this one next year!

    1. Thanks! Myself and the kids are more excited about them with the color and design! :)

  2. An excellent twist Mrs C! : )