Saturday, October 11, 2014

This Week at School...

Things have been super busy in the art rooms at school this week!  I have been creating some new visuals for around my room ( 3d-5th )  I love how this one came out... it was one of the "Happy Friday" quotes a fellow teacher places in our mailboxes on Fridays... I just added a little colored pencil, borders and laminated...

ALL the kids, K-5th are loving our new colored pencils this year! They are the Prang large triangular colored pencil 12 pack set. Each pack comes with a sharpener with two size sharpening spaces. I have put them into small containers and leave them on the tables for the kids to sharpen their own pencils. It has reduced the traffic since there is no need to go to the sharpener.  At first it was a novelty, but that has since worn off. At the end of the day I have one or two of the kids empty the shavings from the day.  

Kindergarten started painting their Shooting Star lines...

 First grade finished up their Shape /Line animals and started working on some Fall Leaf pictures with textured backgrounds... they will add line details next week...

They are using these recycled tissue papers that were the product of Second grades tissue paper print backgrounds for their Jack-O-Lanterns...

How cool are these? I love how they are coming out and the kids were beyond excited when i said we were going to paint Jack-O-Lanterns on them yesterday! Halloween fever has begun! :)

Third grade started to add their Warm color/Leaf Rubbing backgrounds to their Silhouette Trees on Thursday... (I forgot to take pictures yesterday before I left, I'll post them next week...)

Fourth grade is painting in their Patterned Pumpkins, which are looking AMAZING! They are all so proud of them! :)

Fifth grade is finishing up some Still Life sketches that they have been working on... ( forgot the pic's of those also, lol...  will post about them next week, they look really nice... )

This was the sky from my front porch yesterday ( Friday ) morning when I stepped out to go to work around 7 a.m.  It looked so cool... little did I know then what a hectic day awaited me!

Every single one of them, from Kindergarten to Fifth grade today... wowza... unless you teach or work with kids you have no idea...

By the end of the day I felt like this...  I split out the door at 3:45 p.m. ...  all week I didn't leave before 5:00 p.m.  tying up loose ends,  prepping for classes,  putting up displays, etc...  I was done...

I have my SGO's to finish writing this weekend... they are due in my district on Wednesday...  I'm partially done... just some wording and tiering I have to work out... ( sigh )

Here sits all my data... under crochet and quilting projects all week... kept trying to get to it this week after school but by the time I would get in, make supper, do laundry, have a life out of school,  it would be around 9-10 at night and I would be falling asleep...  so here it sits, patiently waiting for me to stop procrastinating... 

( just insert SGO for term paper and it says it all... )

Every time we were told we would be able to use "x" time to work on our SGO's something or somebody ate up that time and we didn't get "x" time to work on them or collaborate on them... we having been grabbing each other in the hall for advice,  ideas, etc... e-mailing each other documents to look at, etc...  well, I suppose I should go make breakfast, get dressed and buckle down and get these SGO's finished... 'cuz come this week there is NO WAY I want to be having to deal with the paper work... we got's CREATING to do :) 
I leave you with some quotes I found on Pinterest this week...

I have a Kinder who is always putting EVERYTHING in their mouth... yuck...

( my favorite...)


  1. Wonderful quote (the last one) I love it.

  2. Full moons affect my kids too, and big changes in the weather. Love all the beautiful artwork.

  3. Beautiful work from kids. Wish you a crisp colorful fall. Thank you for stopping my blog.

  4. You always inspire me with your ideas. I have to say that the 4th grade pattern filled pumpkins made my heart skip. I just got a big book filled with Zentangle teachings. I cant wait to get started and I am going to try this pumpkin project with my two older ones this week.