Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Just a Quick Hello...

Kindergarten Snow Globes

Just a quick ,"Hello!" this morning! I have been out of touch with the blog these past few weeks as the holidays and life in general has been keeping me super busy! The weather has been "Eh..." around here... cold, windy, snowy, today it's all ice and rain. Several counties in the area have delayed openings for school because everything is encased in ice...

The trees and bushes are glistening with ice... it's now raining like crazy now so it's all becoming a slippery mess...  :( 

I spent all of last weekend baking like a mad woman! I have a couple more types to go this weekend and my cookie gifting can begin! I think I'm going to make some small ornaments to attach to the cookie bags this year...  

I've been loving using Instagram to do almost daily updates on what's going on in the art room so if you are on Instagram pop over to @mrs.c_art to see what's been happening. You can follow the link at the top of on my sidebar on the righthand side of my blog if you are not a follower of IG! 
If you are in the Tri-state area drive careful today and the next few days as this Nor'Easter goes through! 

Mrs."C"  :)


  1. LOVE those snowglobes!!! And now I am feeling bad that I haven't made my cookies, those look awesome. Needed that kick in the pants :)

  2. I'm in northeastern NY, Lake George region, and we were expecting up to a foot of snow today but like you it's all rain and ice and totally disgusting out. I was planning a trip to the gym, and never mind driving in the snow (actually I like it) but this icy rain stuff... ugh, I'm staying home!

    I'm not on Instagram, but will look to see what you've been up to. Stay warm and dry!

  3. Love the snow globes, happy baking.

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