Sunday, September 20, 2015

Creating and Content ...

                                          .......And we're back!  We finished our first full week of school and it feels like we never left! ( lol )   Projects are in full swing, SGO assessments are happening through preliminary steps for project beginnings...

Fall Shape Flowers using Warm colors, Cool colors will fill in the backgrounds, several classes have begun to finish and they look awesome!

                         I have been super busy keeping everything( paper work) up to date...

... but it's paying off and I am feeling no stress about any of my paper work ( so far...) and I find myself all caught up today and I am taking advantage of it and plan on playing with watercolors while the laundry runs, some baking bakes and we watch The Nightmare Before Christmas... head colds have begun to rear their ugly head and my daughter is feeling under the weather today... so the windows are all open and the wind is gloriously blowing so it feels like the indoors is the outdoors today!

...I'm off to change laundry and play! Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and a creative, happy healthy week!
                                                   "Mrs."C"  :)


  1. Hi Mrs C! I am doing some fall leaves with my 1sts that look like your flowers - i wish i had limited my palette to warm like you. Those are cool little rolling racks! I have one giant one which is great but not very portable like those. Enjoy your Sunday

  2. I got 2 of the racks through Donors Choose and 2 from our PTO. They're great! Each holds one class and I can move them front to back when needed. I don't have a whole lot of space so they are perfect! Lots of Formative assessment throughout the stages of this lesson... color, shape, design elements, etc... looking good!