Monday, April 2, 2012

Ready for the 2nd Grade Play

My second graders have finished their sea creatures and their ocean mural for their play in music!  They will be performing for the kindergarten, first graders and their families at the end of April.  Here are some photos of their finished ocean mural and some more of their sea creatures!  Everyone who passes the Art/Music room stops in to admire their mural!  They are so proud of it!  They did a great job!

The Music Teacher is going to put blue paper behind it for the paly so everything blends.

Left side close - up

Right side close - up

Love,love the fish with the big mouth chasing the little fish!!!

The kids made all these little red crabs for the ocean floor!

Another Close - Up

Baby Jelly Fish!
More Fish

Life on the ocean floor

Close - Up of the ocean floor.  Printed with bubble wrap!

Center Close - Up


  1. wow, what a great mural. Pretty!

  2. This mural is great! Thanks for sharing your work. My students are doing an art project on the Mediterranean and we will use your idea of ​​seafloor. Sorry for not knowing English, I used the translator. A hug and see you soon.