Thursday, April 5, 2012

Yeah! It's Spring Break!

My grades are all posted, my PTO requests are all in and now it's Spring Break!  I vowed that I will dedicate my time off to myself and my family.  We are all finally off at the same time for Spring Break (first time in years).  I confess I will probably do a little lesson planning as the end of our school year is coming up fast, so I need to figure out what we are going to be able to fit in before the end.  I will sleep in late (6:30 am - that's late for me) relax with my morning coffee and not gulp it down trying to get myself ready for work as well as trying to wake up two comatose teenagers for school!

I have numerous creative ideas I would like to tackle.  Most will probably get tossed to the "When I have time this Summer" pile but, I can dream!  I plan on visiting a newly open fabric and accessory store in my area.  Fabric stores around here are far and few between and I am a fabric junkie!  I can get lost for many of hours in a fabric/yarn store.  I have piles of fabric and fibers just waiting for that perfect project!

I'll order my tomato and pepper plants and start to clean up my gardens.  My daughter wants to go hiking and my son and husband are going to find a remote place to shoot a video.  Hoping for some nice days so we all can do what we want.  I have some books I have been saving that I would like to read also.  I hope everyone is enjoying their time off and storing up some energy for the remainder of the school year!  I'll be back to blogging projects when school is back in session.  Until then, relax and enjoy! :)

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