Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Getting My Classroom Back Together (sort of)


Well, I finally got up to my other classroom the past two days.  I almost finished up yesterday but I got kicked out at 3:00 pm as they were locking up for the day.  Back today for about three hours.

Boxes needed to be moved and unpacked.

Shelves needed to be straightened out and furniture moved back where it belongs.

My desk is under here somewhere!

This picture is for you Pat! :)  I commented to Pat at Sharpie Woman that her cutting board was so clean!  This one has been in the art room for over 25 years and still cuts awesomely! The ruler at the top is now missing so I have Sharpie marks all over the top so I know where to cut different sizes.

I seriously think that it's time for a new sign! What do you think?

It's looking better,  but I still have to work on straightening up the shelves.

 We are not allowed to have curtains since they are a fire hazard.
I would really like curtains.

I found my desk!

I got a white-board to leave myself daily/weekly notes.
It makes me look so organized!  NOT!!!

New rules sign I made this summer.


My other bulletin board.
I share the room with the music teacher (we alternate days)
I have the back of the room by the sink (for obvious reasons!).

The new job chart I made this summer.  Four jobs for four tables.  Each table is a color, I can move the miniature versions of my table signs from pocket to pocket each week to change the jobs around.  (Thanks to my husband for scanning and shrinking them!)

There's Mona!
She is the best art room cue for attention I have found!
The idea for this amazing cue belongs to Mr.Russell.
It works like a charm!

I love my bright red drying racks!  I was able to purchase these through donations on Donors Choose.  You can see my post about it here.  I also had another project funded this summer.  Our PTO is purchasing the art room two more for this school year! Thank you PTO!

 My white board is looking REALLY clean!  That won't last long! :)

I got this rack from the same Donors Choose project as my drying racks.

This is the front of it.
I use it to store all the art work the classes are working on.
All my new class folders are laminated, organized by day and ready for a new school year!

This is what the table signs look like taped down. I found this tie-dye packaging tape at Wal-Mart.  It worked great.  Let's see how long it takes for the little fingers to start picking at it!

Well, that's all I've got for now.  More about my other room when school starts.  Friday I go up to put up the front hallway bulletin board up at my K-2.  Let the countdown start! :)


  1. I'll be interested to see how the duct tape works on the tables! I bought a similar tie-dyed duct tape to make a makeshift bulletin board in the hallway for my Artist of the Week display.

    I LOVE the Mona Lisa cue! I found it too on Pinterest and will be using it this year too! I love the VanGogh one too about ears being important!

    I'm curious since you said you have four tables, about how many students in a class do you have? Space must be tight for you if you have more than 16 students!

    Does the fact that the music and art teacher share a room ever distract the kids? I mean in terms of having art stuff displayed in a room where music is being taught?

    1. I will have any where from 5-7 kids at a table. It's K-2, so their tiny! We deal with it. It is squished though. At times I also have 2-3 student paras in the room with me. When it's art time the kids are oblivious that the other half is music. The music chairs get stacked up for art and I use the floor space on the music teacher's side a lot for large collaborative projects that the kids work on in small groups.I have the kids sit on the floor in front of the smart board when I use it because it's in a weird spot and they can't really see it from their seats on the art side. This is only the second year we are in this room. It is the original art room from when the school was built. It had been a second grade classroom for years. At my other school I have 6 tables and I will still have at least 5 students at each table. Sometimes I only use 5 tables there. When they have music they use the same tables and chairs. The music teacher and I alternate days and never cross paths except for 1 hour on Fridays. We average pretty big classes. I have on average 25 students in a class. This years 1st grade is small though and my average is 17. I am going to feel like half the class is missing when I have them! I have 6 classes of K,1,3,and 5. I have 7 classes of 2 and 4.

  2. My sign on my cutting board is pretty ragged looking too. :) Loved seeing your room!

    1. Thanks! I actually made a new sign for it tonight! :)

  3. Everything looks so good! I got a new cutting board for my new room this year. I should take a progression of photos of it through out the year to try and compete with yours! Also, I can appreciate wishing for curtains. I felt that way in my last class room- but now I'm in a room with no windows at all! =0(

    1. No windows?! I'd go bonkers! I make the kids crazy because even in the dead of winter I always have my windows cracked for air! Some of them complain it's freezing! Those are the ones who dress like it's July in Jan. I definitely need to have air flow when they come in from recess! Pre-teens get really smelly sometimes!! :0

  4. Thanks for sharing your classroom photos- I love seeing what other teachers' rooms look like and am always impressed (and jealous ;) by the wide variety of organizational ideas out there. I particularly like your "Mona Lisa" poster- a nice change from the typical "Give me 5".

    1. Thanks and thanks for stopping by! This is only one of my rooms(K-2). I need to take photos of my 3-5 when I go in for school on Tuesday. I still have some things that have to be laminated and hung up. The laminater wasn't working and I couldn't finish what I needed to do! I'll post pictures next week. I will probably do before(the students) and after(the students) photos! Everyone keeps commenting on how organized the room looks! Not for long! :)

  5. Thanks for the link back and nice words about my Mona Poster! Saw your version on Pinterest and followed to your blog! I'm excited to see how the idea is helping so many art teachers!

    1. Thank you for the great idea! Have a great school year! :)