Friday, August 17, 2012

What's in Your School Bag?

I finally cleaned out my school bag this morning!  The last day of school I came in and dropped it in the corner of my room and that's where it stayed until now.  I usually go through it when school gets out, but the last day of school was nuts!  I got a phone call at work from the nurse at my son's school saying she thought he fractured his arm in gym! Really?!  After waiting Three hours in the ER, we found out it was not fractured (Thank God!) It was just a severe sprain.  So, needless to say I was not worrying about cleaning out my school bag that day!   (or any other day)  So here's what I found...

•  Two small packs of Sticky Notes
•  One box of Erasers (I must have ran out at one school and
    was bringing them to the other school)
•  One bottle of White Out
•  Two Cold Brew Tea Bags
•  One bag of Hall's Defense Vitamin C Drops
•  Two Bull Dog Clips.

•  My Artsonia folder for both of my schools
•  A folder with curriculum stuff

We re-wrote the Visual Arts curriculum this past year.  Didn't even know I was still carting that around!  No wonder the bag was so heavy!

•  Two planners and numerous folders that should have
    been filed in my file cabinet before I left.

•  The book, Pete the Cat – I Love My White Shoes
    Bought at the book fair the end of this year for K next year
    Should have been dropped off at my K-2 school
•  Two School Arts magazines
•  One Glue Stick
•  One Raspberry Crayola marker
•  One Black Sharpie
•  A Calculator along with various papers
   That again, should have been filed before I left!

And The List Continues:
•  One Purple Extra Fine Sharpie
•  Numerous Batteries, from or for my camera
   Not sure if they are good or bad!
•  A pretty card from a Colleague
   Congratulating me for being chosen Teacher of the Year!
•  One change purse
   With tons of pennies!
   Used all the good change for the soda machine at school!
•  I also found random Garbage
•  Assorted papers
•  Homemade Thank You's from Students
•  One half empty Water Bottle – Or half full :)
•  One bag of Peanuts
•  One very squished Granola Bar. Yum!


This would be the bag it was all in.  You can't really tell from the photo but this bag is HUGE!  You could fit a small child in it!  I made it during last Christmas break.  It's an Amy Butler pattern from her book entitled, "Style Stitches".  It's called the "Cosmo Bag".


The inside has tons of pockets.  I added more than the directions called for and I use each and every one of them!

This is another bag I use for school from time to time.  It's inspired by this bag from Attic 24.  I lined it and got the handles from a cheap purse I bought at Wal-Mart and stripped for all the purse hardware.

I used this one a lot in the beginning of the school year, but it kept slipping off my shoulder while carrying everything and it drove me crazy!  I still love it though!  It's kind of a hippy bag.

This one I use when I have an in-service. It's a flat magazine style bag, good for carrying folders, books, etc...  I really love the fabric on the upper half of the bag! Sadly, I only had a fat quarter of it.

Just love the little jewelry detail I added!  I saved the swirly silver piece from a beaded lanyard that I broke (never give an art teacher a fancy lanyard!).  It swung under a table when I bent down to work with a student, got caught and beads went flying everywhere!

This is an older patchwork bag I used for a very long time.  I stopped using it when I realized the weight of all the crap I carry back and forth to school was ripping one of the handles!

This is the newest edition to my many school bags.  I blogged about making it in an earlier post.  I finally got around to making it the other day when my car was in the garage for repairs.  It's an Amy Butler bag.  This one is called, "The Beautiful Belle Handbag".  It's way too big for a handbag and more like a large tote.  It has an open top and I extended the handles because they were just too short for me.  It has four huge pockets inside like my Cosmo bag.  I'll use it to carry school stuff on days I don't need my big bag chock-full-of everything.  It will be good for the first couple of In-Service days at school.

It was kinda plain so I stuck my grasshopper pin on it! I love the greens in the batik fabric.  Green can be very calming, don't you think?  Maybe it will keep me chilled out during the two days of meetings and information overload!  Well, now that my main bag is cleaned out I can fill it up again with stuff for a new school year!  Have a great school year everybody!  :)


  1. I cleaned out my school bag too! I still had last years plan book and class rosters, some blue tacky gum for sticking papers to the hallways, probably about 10 different pens, three Sharpies of different sizes, my I.D. tag, my observation results from throughout the year, my Artsonia roster and passwords, lesson plans and rubrics from the student teacher we had this past year, sticky notes, lots of random scrap papers, two Dick Blick magazines, last years teacher phone list, my health insurance information, mail from back in March I never opened! (no worries, it was junk mail!) and three pay stubs from throughout the year! Also included, two chap sticks, three lip glosses, eye drops, travel size tissues, and Advil!

    1. You ever feel like we live out of our bags during the school year?! :D

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm so glad you did because now I have found your blog and your PINTEREST account too! I'm loving all your ideas!

  3. Mrs.C!

    I didn't know you were a handbag/purse/totebag designer! I would love to make the Cosmo bag but unfortunately, I can't sew! I love all of your bags! I have a lot of Vera bradley bags cuz I used to work at a shop that sold them and i got them at cost. They are still in good shape cuz i wash them occaisionally to keep them from wearing out. I guess you could say we are all "bag ladies"!


  4. Hi Pat!
    You could say I am obsessed with purse/tote bags! I have soo many that I have made over the years! The ones I posted are just a few! The Cosmo bag made me crazy when I was sewing it! There were so many pieces and at times I was like " you want me to sew this how?!" and would change it to make it easier! I'm famous at home for making up/changing patterns as I go! I learned to sew from my Mom. She made all of our clothes while we were growing up. Everyone else went to the store for back to school clothes...we went to the fabric store to pick out patterns and fabric! I always had originals! To this day I find fabric stores/quilt shops very therapeutic! ( yarn stores too! ) Alas, my daughter does not share the same love for fabric stores! If she hears that's where I am off to she starts moaning," You're going to be hours!" :)

  5. I like your green bag very much!