Thursday, October 18, 2012

Color Mixing - 1st Grade

It's Fall people!  When you teach elementary school it is time for lots of pumpkins!  Kids just LOVE pumpkins!  Who doesn't love pumpkins, right?!  The other week while checking out the blogs I saw this post by Patty at Deep Space Sparkle.  A simple but beautiful lesson using pumpkins!  Pure inspiration!  I started my first grades on their pumpkins the next day!


My students started by drawing their pumpkins in pencil using the directions Patty gave for drawing her Starlight Pumpkins.  They traced their pencil lines with black oil pastel and set to work painting!

I gave them red and yellow tempera paint and demonstrated how to mix the colors on their pumpkins to get orange.  When the kids finished painting, they put them on the drying rack to dry.

Previous to the second class, I painted some large sheets of tag board green and gave them different textures.  I cut them up into small pieces that the students cut their leaves from.

 Love the scraped texture on this one

I cut this plastic lid to make the scraper

Overlapping swirls
Made the swirls with this small scrubbie from the dollar store

I cut them up into smaller pieces the students cut their leaves from.  I also gave them gold paint for their vines, stems and to add a little to their pumpkins. They LOVED the gold paint!  Here are some of the finished pieces...  Have a great weekend and go pick some pumpkins!                                                                                      


  1. Another beautiful pumpkin project! There are so many around at the moment, and they are all glorious! I especially love the painted texture leaves you have here! I'm from Queensland where we don't have fall, or halloween... and I've only been blogging since August, so this is all a bit of a novelty for me, but I'm loving it and getting so many ideas! Thanks :)

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! I'm really pleased with how they turned out! The kids did a great job! I have always lived on the North East Coast of the US so I can't imagine not having Fall! All the leaves are pretty much at peak color here in North Jersey and the kids are primed and pumped for Halloween! My neighbors yard looks like something from a zombie murder movie set! :)

  3. Awesome! LOVE the double-loaded brush techniques for color mixing the pumpkins. I think I may need to do something similar for Thanksgiving!

    1. I love it too! I use it when ever I can! :)