Thursday, February 7, 2013

1 Point perspective and 5th Grade

My fifth grades recently finished up their One Point Perspective hallways last week.  This is the post where I talked about starting our perspective lessons.  The lesson comes from this post by Phyl. My 5th graders really loved this lesson and I think they did a great job!  

One class I had to re-teach the lesson as I was out sick one day while we were still drawing them.   The sub completely ignored my very DETAILED sub plan binder and proceeded to try and teach the kids the rest of the lesson!!!  (intro page of sub bunder says do not try to teach lessons from my plan book!)  She admitted that she had no idea how to teach it, however did it anyway!  Needless to say I came back to many complaints from my kids and made many apologies for the events of that class.  

These next three pieces were created by three of my favorite students.  I have known these three kids since they were in PSD.  They have various special needs and I modify the lesson to fit those needs.  They worked very hard on their pieces and they did a great job!  I was very proud of them as they worked on their ruler skills, coloring, drawing and cutting skills.  

For their people I dotted out the shapes for the people.  I had them trace around the dotted lines, cut them out and glue them where they wanted in their picture.  

I am going to really miss these three when they move up to the Middle School.

The remaining pictures are from my general ed students.
I let them choose from marker, crayon and colored pencil to color in their pieces.

This was a fun lesson that the students enjoyed!  It did not take more than three 30 minute classes to complete if they were on task.  We will be doing one more perspective piece before the end of the school year.  That one will have buildings in it!

Have a good weekend!  We are looking at getting a bit of snow tomorrow night into Saturday.  6-10 inches is in the forecast.  I'll be out shoveling Saturday morning! 

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