Sunday, September 1, 2013

Back to the Art Room!

My rooms are ready!  Visuals up, lesson plans written, furniture re-arranged, everything is clean and shiny...  We all know that won't last real long!  The photo above made me laugh! Although it's an exaggeration of what one of my art rooms look like after a day of painting with the kids, it is definitely how I feel it looks!

I go back Tuesday for two days of in-service and meetings.  Day one is general meetings in the morning and class room prep in the afternoon.  Day two is an all day in-service to train us on Teachscape which is the new teacher evaluation system our district is implementing this year.  A handful of my colleagues were trained in Teachscape this summer and now they are going to train us in small groups.  Curious to see how it compares to the elements of our old system and what our administrators are going to be looking for when they come in to observe.  It has never bothered me to have someone come in to observe a lesson before, but I think it is going to make me very conscious of how I am teaching a lesson this year! (More so now than ever before) More to come on this topic when I learn more about it!

Doesn't the above photo make you want to dive in and start making painted paper!?!?

Hung this in my 3d-5th grade art room. 
Waiting to see which kid tells me they are breaking the rules like an artist
(classroom rules!  LOL)

I hate when the kids say "I can't..."  Makes me crazy!!!

Love the Hey Girl memes!  Love Robert Downey, Jr.!

This is my new favorite saying for  "Those Days"  (you know what I mean...)
Hung one up by both of my desks. :)

Here's to everyone having a creative, imaginative year! 

Mrs.C  :)


  1. Good luck on the new school year, and any art room should be messy and filled with paint and crafts, that is what art is all about, letting yourself go and create. Love all the saying, I think I like the blanket fort the best.
    Hugs to you,

    1. Oh it's always messy! By the end of the week it will filled with paints on the counter, brushes drying at the sink and paintings on the drying racks! With all the changes we have coming this year I have a feeling i'm going to be living in that blanket fort!!!


  2. What?!? A 'Hey Girl' meme with Robert Downey Jr? What happened to Ryan Gosling? He's the original 'Hey Girl' guy! Though what the meme says is right on target. (But it should be Ryan Gosling doing the telling!)

    1. I grew up watching Robert Downey,Jr. all through his "troubled years" with the rest of the Rat Pack.... sorry, even though Ryan Gosling is the original I had to go with the "bad boy" ! :) :)