Saturday, September 7, 2013


Students and adults will always say to me: "How did you know to put those colors together?" or "I would never had thought to put those colors together but they are perfect for each other!  How did you know?"  

Honestly, silently in my head I'm thinking, "I just do..."  (but I don't say that out loud).  This is where I throw in some color theory lessons!  I know how to look at colors and pull together hues, values, color families, etc...  Others may not.  I always refer back to the color wheel in class with the kids and talk about the many different ways they can choose colors to go with each other.

I found this wonderful site, Design Seeds.  They take a photo and then proceed to pull out all the colors in the photo and line them up so you can see their beauty together!  It is one of my new favorite sites to visit!  I will certainly be referring to this site for images when I am doing color theory this year!  I like the idea of showing the kids an image and having them be color detectives to pull the different colors out of the image.  We could then look at them together and I could have the kids figure out what relationship the colors have with each other (primary, warm/cool, complimentary, etc...)  OHHH!!  I just had a great idea for a color game as I'm writing this! :)

So check out the site and enjoy the colors!  Have a great weekend!  I have a ton of work to do for school but I'm going to try to squeeze some me time in there also!  Looks like it's going to be a beautiful sunny day!  The weather is a crisp high 50's this morning!  I love it!
                                                           Mrs.C  :)


  1. What a gorgeous site, I thank you so much for posting about it.

  2. Oh!!! How wonderful that someone else has found Design Seeds. Someone here in Blogland so kindly pointed it out to me recently when I was struggling with my colour choices. My confidence as grown enormously just knowing it is there as a palette reference.
    Good luck with the new term. ( retired teacher and loving every minute of it!)

  3. What a great website. Thanks for sharing :)