Friday, October 25, 2013

Prang Product Reviews From Myself and the Kids

This summer Dixon/Prang generously sent me a box of art making goodies to try out and review.  Since so many bloggers were reviewing them at the time ( August-ish ) I decided to wait and bring them to school and let my K-2 students loose on them and give their own opinions of the products.

Two of the products were huge hits with the kids:  the Prang Bullet Tip Classic Markers and...

The large Triangular Colored Pencils...
I put the the colored pencils in a can on my desk and offered them to random students while they were coloring during a free draw. "What's that?" several of the students asked. "Are there more I can use?" became the question among the other students. "No, you will have to share them with each other." I said ( insert me thinking how can I get more of these for this year! ) These colored pencils have quickly become my new favorite colored pencil for my students! The triangle shape keeps them from rolling off the table, the larger body is easier for my younger classes to grip and they color very smoothly! I'm thinking of writing up a product request on Donors Choose to get more for the art room ( budget is spent for this year ). These are my favorite item from the box of goodies.  The students LOVE these colored pencils! 

I put the pack of classic bullet tip markers in our free draw marker buckets and let the kids discover them on their own to see what they would say. 

"Are we allowed to use these?" "Yes, they are a marker like the Crayola ones but these are made by a company called Prang."  The markers, like the colored pencils, again quickly became the 
fascination among the kids. As they were drawing, coloring and sharing them from table to table I went around and asked the kids how they liked them.  The majority of the students expressed that they liked how they colored. They liked how the color didn't "run out" as they put it. The ink in these markers is very... how do I describe it... wet. They don't seem to stop working even when the kids are coloring a lot. The colors are bright, the kids like the turquoise blue that comes with the set.  They don't dry out if the cap is left off for extended periods of time. The Prang markers are the searched for markers in the free draw buckets!

I also received an 8 color set of Prang semi-moist watercolors in the box.  These I personally used several times for posters I made for the classroom before school started. The set comes with 8 colors and a paint brush. The paints are a high quality and flow very nicely on paper. Let me say that I am used to the Crayola brand that I use with the kids. The brush that came with the set is fine but a lot of bristles fell out while I was painting with it. The colors are all very bright but I didn't care for the red in the set.  I felt it looked more like a red-orange than a red. My daughter said I was crazy, that it looked like red to her. 

Here is one of the signs I painted with the Prang watercolors. Ok, so maybe I am a little crazy because it does look red in this photo... but any way, you can see how nice the colors are in the circles. The splatters are also from the Prang watercolors. 

There was also a pack of my already favorite pencils.  They are worth every penny! They sharpen well, the graphite lays done smooth even color and the eraser is very good quality. I highly recommend them for your classroom.
All in all I found the Dixon/Prang products to be of very high quality! I will be buying the triangular colored pencils for my classes next school year. I really love them! 
I will definitely consider buying their classic markers for next year also. I always buy the Dixon-Ticonderoga pencils as they truly are " The World's Best Pencil "

Thanks Dixon/Prang for the opportunity to try your products! 

Mrs.C  :)


  1. Those are my favorite pencils, too. I will have to get the colored pencils and markers for the little ones I work with.
    Thanks for the info.

    1. The younger kids really love the large barrel triangular colored pencils! They are a good size for thier smaller hands to grip.

  2. May I ask how did you get invited to test Prang?

    1. They contacted me this summer at my blog e-mail and asked if i was interested in trying out some of their products to review on my blog.

  3. Thanks for the post and great tips..even I also think that hard work is the most important aspect of getting success..