Friday, June 13, 2014

Oil Pastel Jenga Anyone?

I had to take a picture of this this morning...  a couple of my 5th grade boys toward the end of class this morning began to build using the oil pastels... they let me get a picture before they knocked it down! They built it just to knock it down... that's boys for you! My son used to love to build with blocks when he was little and then he loved to knock it all down!
FYI: This post is going to be loaded with several things so hold on to your hats people! It's been a busy time getting ready for the end of the school year!

This is the last box of art work that has to be handed back... I have two 5th grades that I have not seen for the past 2 weeks due to trips and programs... the same two classes are going to on a trip again on their art day next week! They are going to be getting their things back on they very last day of school! 

I finally got the last few 3d graders to finish their Japanese Koinobori ( carp streamer) and they swam out of my room yesterday afternoon! I have my 3d graders make these every spring just before Children's Day in Japan. We ran a little late this year...  Check out the cool koinobori that Cassie Stephens made with her students this spring!

Who saw the post on The Art of Education that Amanda posted about the oil pastel tye-dye? This was the perfect make-it and take-it project for this week in my 3d-5th grades! The kids loved it and made several during the 30 minutes we have for art class! Thanks Amanda for this great lesson! I gave them basic directions but encouraged them to experiment with different ideas! They blew me away! :)

The students inspired each other with all the different shapes and color combinations they tried! 

Ian's post on The Art of Education called, " I Don't Like Grading , And, Uh, I Don't Think I'm Gonna Grade Anymore" REALLY got me thinking about everything that is going on right now with grading and assessments and data and how it is affecting our art programs...  I have spent the last two days reading through Joe Bower's blog and all he has to say about how he has abolished grading from his classroom. Some really interesting reads! Thanks Ian! I have been collecting info and I am definitely making some changes to my evaluation system. I am required to use letter grades for 3d-5th grade and I will continue to post my grades as such on the report cards but I am going to be making some changes on how my assessments are going to be made...  more on that this summer after I have had some time to work on it... Ian made some great points in his post and I agree with them all, completely and totally.  The most important objective I have for next year ( and all the years to come) is keeping creativity alive and well in my art rooms despite having to collect data, do pre, mid and post assessments. I want my students to be immersed in the creation of their art work, not "what do I need to do to get an "A" .  Again, more on all this later this summer...

I am almost done reading, Classroom Management for Art, Music and PE Teachers, by Michael Linsin. His blog, Smart Classroom Management is well worth going over to check out. I have it on the side bar of my blog with my favorite blogs. The book is easy to read and a wealth of information! I have already used one of his techniques to get your class to re-focus their attention on what you are saying to them. It works like a charm! Just simple, random, one step directions... one class thought we were playing Simon Says! (lol) After two random directions they were all ready to listen and follow the directions, no muss, no fuss!  Thank you Michael Linsin! When I am done reading I will type up a quick summary of what I read and will be uploading it to my folder called, Domain 4 - 2014-2015 ( if you teach in New Jersey you know what that is!) Anything I read or research I can include in my Domain 4 documentation for my annual review. This year we were hit with it 2 weeks before it was due and it was nuts collecting all the info that we need from this school year! Not next year! Everything I can use is being scanned, made into a pdf and thrown in to my folder! 

Many changes coming down the road again next year...  I'm just gonna climb on my imaginary surfboard and ride the waves! 

Three more full days of school next week and then we have five half days until the end of the school year.  If you are in the tail end like me hang in there, it's almost over! 
Have a great weekend! 

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  1. I love all that your students have made, I think they are very lucky to have you as a teacher. You are creative and so enthusiastic about art. The lessons you have taught them will always stay with them, and I love that you are constantly trying to make things better for them.