Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Snake Who Wanted to Go to School...

Sounds like a name for a children's book, doesn't it? Well.... this morning at 8:10 one of my colleagues found a younger relative of this Northern Pine Snake slithering along in the hallway between mine and her room! How the snake got onto the second floor of a school when all the stairwell doors were closed leaves us to wonder... does he have family in the building 
somewhere!?! Needless to say ALL of my fellow colleagues on the floor were freaked out ALL day! Snakes are the only thing that bothers me, I have no problem with bugs or any other living creatures. I was kicking boxes and looking before reaching for anything in my room today! 

Today was our last full day of school! We now have 5 half days and our last day is next Wednesday. Soon, but not soon enough! :)


  1. OMG I would be freaking out!!!!

  2. No thank you!! I feel that way about rodents, too, any kind, even the teeny or fuzzy ones. Ick!

  3. I would be screaming down the hall and out for the rest of the day!!!