Sunday, September 7, 2014

Back To The Art Room!

Well, summer is officially over, although it did not feel that way in New Jersey this week as we had such oppressive heat and humidity, the likes of which we had not seen all summer! :(  
So hot you are sweating through your clothing! :(

Thursday the kids came back to school... some smiling, some crying, some looking exhausted because they were not used to getting up and moving early in the morning (like me ).

My 1st and 2nd graders were excited when I told them we were painting on the first day! We quickly got our seats , quickly reviewed the art room rules, reviewed our painting procedures and set to creating!  My 1st grades reviewed the color wheel and got to use watercolors, 2nd grade reviewed the color wheel, how to read it to help them mix colors and they used tempera to mix and paint all the colors of the color wheel.

I was happy to see that our "too clean" table placemats were quickly being used  to wipe off brushes! They look so much better with paint on them!

I ordered brandy new paint brushes for this year! It really was time, the others were very well loved but way past their prime!

I ordered, Royal Langnickel Big Kid's Choice.   The kids loved them! They really like the grip on the handle! They were all commenting how cool it was that they grips on the handles!  We went over how to take good care of our new brushes.  I let them know that I still had the old brushes in case there was anyone who was mistreating our new brushes on purpose, I would give them an old brush to use.  All the kids were very careful to use our new brushes correctly! ( I knew they would)

What a happy feeling to see projects drying on the drying racks on the first day! 

There is a major change to my K-2 classes this year... we have always had 40 minutes for art ( I know some of you are saying to yourself " Wow that's all?")  Well, this year I have been reduced to 30 minutes  K-2 ... yeah, 30 minutes...  it was kind of a shock for the kids when I gave them their 5 minute time-check before clean-up! We discussed the time change at the beginning but  they didn't really get it until they saw how short the time felt!  We will work with it, we will get used to it, but we will never like that the time is so short...  my 3d-5th grades have had 30 minute classes for a very long time.  Anyone else out there working with such a short time? I'd love to know...  

This is after two happy classes got to paint.  We will get used to having to clean up faster...  

I also have personally moved into the 21st century and got an IPhone 5 the other day ( chorus of angels singing in the background)  Yes, I have retired my old, well loved and well used texting phone...( it was a really pretty shade of turquoise blue...) but it was time, and my upgrade was in...
I am getting used to it... it actually is cool that I can take photos with it and load them onto Picasa and onto my blog!  I have even started an Instagram for this blog!  I can't get the link to load onto the blog page( it keeps telling me the link Instagram gave me is wrong :(  I'll work on it...  ) but if you want to follow me on Instagram just go over and search for me under users, my user name for Rainbow Skies and Dragonflies is: 
Mrs.C_art      I only have a couple of pictures but I plan on adding them daily!  

Also, for those of you who know and love Hope from Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artist's she now has a Teacher's Pay Teacher's  store!  Go to this link and it will take you to her store!  I have already purchased all the items she has and they are all going to be great inspirations for some pieces I am creating for this school year! 

Another change ( that I am happy about) is that for our SGO's this school year we do not have to give pre and post tests,  we are instead using several mirrored assessments from our projects to obtain the data we need for tiering our students this Fall and following their growth through out the school year. I will have to do final assessments but it will be through our projects! Yeah! We can do a pre and post assessment if we want but they are discouraging us from doing them and would rather we do several different types of assessment that mirror each other and average them together to get our data. 

Well I'm off to write my lesson plans for the week and do some Eco-Printing today! Oh yeah, and piles and piles of laundry!  :)
Have a great week! 
Mrs."C"  :)


  1. Good luck with the new school year. I bet those kids were so happy to see you even if it is for a shortened time. I have an i phone 5 and love it although I am not tech savvy enough for instagram.

  2. Wow, Mrs. C - you made my whole weekend! Thanks so much for all the support! Your room looks so happy and colorful. We had SLO pretests for the first time ever with our first graders, then shortly thereafter were told they wouldn't count this year. ? We'll see how all this plays out. I d like to hear how yours turns out in the end.
    I followed you on Instagram! :)

  3. The room is looking good, like an art room should look. The brushes looked good.

  4. It is always a bit of relief once the kids start painting and making the art room look like a working studio!! Hope you have a great year. I start this week, too:))

  5. I discovered you on Pinterest and now here I am... I'm thrilled to see what you are doing and wanted to share my Frogs Are Green organization and tell you that the 5th annual kids art contest is now open and accepting images from around the world. Won't you please submit your student's work? Here's a link for all the details (and be sure to check out the k-3 curriculum which is also ready! >> - Susan Newman

  6. Hey Mrs. C

    Would you mind shooting me an email at this address

    I'd like to talk to you about an article I am writing for The Art of Education.


  7. Hey Mrs. C,

    I wrote you a reply email a few days ago and haven't heard back. Don't know if you've checked your email or not. Please let me know what you think when you read it as soon as you can.