Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weekend Lazy...

                 Weekend lazy...  went apple picking ( should be doing progress report grades...)

Working on two shawls at the same time... slow going with superfine #1 yarn, hand cramping up...( should be working on my SGO data ... that's it under the shawls, at least it made it out of my school bag...) 

Painted, designed another Day of the Dead skull... placed it on my mantle where I can see it... ( should be working on lesson plans...)

Playing with the new photo collage app on my phone... ( should be doing laundry and starting dinner... )

Sitting here watching old horror movie classics, windows open, it's 80+ degrees F today, the cicadas are loud in the trees outside my windows,  the sun is setting fast as I type this... it's getting dark sooner these days... Fall is here...
Tomorrow is Monday and the start of a new busy week... I'll catch up with everything then...
right now, I'm just chillin'... 'cuz, yeah...    :)


  1. Good for you! I'm having a similar Sunday. Mid quarter grade upload due at 4:30 tomorrow...four sets of projects to evaluate...but the sun was shining, the day was a perfect 80 degrees woth low humidity...and the work will still be there tomorrow.

  2. So glad to know I am not the only one embracing my weekend and leaving the worry for later!

  3. Good for you, you need to relax sometimes, it can't always be about work. Some great projects.

  4. It sounds like a wonderful weekend, unfolding at its own pace. I love weekends like that and I do not like weekends full of paperwork, so I am glad you did some fun things all for yourself.