Friday, January 11, 2013

Heart Prints - K, 1st and 2nd Grades

My K-2 art room has been printing up a storm this week in anticipation of our school's yearly celebration of Kindness and Justice Week!  Every January during the week of Martin Luther King's birthday our school has what is called our "Kindness and Justice Week Celebration".

Each year a different book is chosen that shares a lesson in kindness and all of the school's activities during the week center around the book and it's message of kindness. This years book is...

 It was the perfect time to try out this idea for making heart stamps out of recycled cardboard I found on Pinterest.  

All of the classes started by painting a colorful background using watercolors.  

I spent an entire PLC meeting (multi-tasking people!) and evening rolling, folding and taping over 30 cardboard hearts!  I found that if you rolled the cardboard around a large glue stick or a marker it was much easier on your hands!  Although, I do think that if I had octopus arms it would have come in handy a few times when I was holding and taping! 


I made the hearts in various sizes and designs.  I made sure that on one side of the stamp all of the edges were as close to flush as possible so the kids could get a good print.  Even if it was slightly off, after they started stamping with the paint the edges mushed down slightly and they were all getting good print images.


Each stamp was 3-4 inches tall so they were chunky and easy to hold and stamp with.

Before the children made their prints, I gave them some materials (tissue paper circles I cut and cut up pieces of last years painting place mats) to cut into shapes and add a little bit of collage to their paintings first.

I poured purple and blue paint onto paper plates that our PTO donated to me last spring.  They were leftover from our school's Senior brunch.  It made for a very easy clean up when we were done stamping at the end of the day!  If the plate got a little soggy, I just put another one underneath it.  I started with two plates together for stability.  They actually held up really well.  I think they were more of a heavy weight plate, not the cheapo kind.

I demonstrated to the children how to stamp with our cool heart stamps to create their prints before I let them use them. 

Let the stamping begin!

The kids loved using the heart stamps!

They thought it was a very creative idea for recycling cardboard.

 Some said, "You come up with the coolest ideas Mrs.C!"
I told them "I found the idea on the computer."

When the kids were done printing, they carried their masterpieces to the drying rack. 

Next week I will be hanging them up around school and on our front hallway bulletin board.
I will post some of the finished pieces next week.  I meant to take some pictures before I left school today but I was busy looking for my desk...

It was buried under many projects I had taken off the drying rack and I spent some time organizing and putting them away after school!

Thus, I forgot that I wanted to photo some things...

There's always next week! 

Have a great weekend!
Mrs.C :)


  1. Thanks for sharing this. One of my schools recently created a wall of kindness. I am already visualizing how I can extend this project to create something for the wall. I can't wait to get the kids started!

    1. I'm glad the lesson inspired you! Have fun with it! :)

  2. These look really cool. One thing you can do to speed up the process (not having to make all those cardboard stampers) is to use toilet paper tolls, one per kid = two ends, two stampers. You simply pinch the roll to create the point, and pinch in the other side to make it into the heart. (Before you give me credit, let me say I got this idea from another blogger, so it definitely is NOT. My ingenuity that came up with the idea.)

    I did this with my second graders - it was too hard for the to do themselves but I went around the room and quickly pinched them all and it was great. If you want a looksee, I posted them here:

    Sorry about the length of this comment!