Saturday, January 19, 2013

Outer Space 1 Pt Perspective - 3d Grade


A couple of my 3rd grades finished their One Point Perspective pictures on Thursday.  After playing around with how to finish them up I decided that I would have them do some Salt Water Color for their outer space backgrounds.  I introduced the students to this technique in 2nd grade and they were thrilled when they saw they were going to be doing it again!

The students spent one 30 minute class coloring in their perspective designs using construction paper crayons.

I gave each table white oil pastels, and two trays of blue, black and purple liquid watercolor.  They also got a couple of cups of salt.

After demonstrating and reviewing how to sprinkle their salt onto their wet watercolor, I let them get started.

I really like how this technique worked with the liquid watercolors!

I REALLY stress to the kids that less is more with this technique!  Some of the kids put way too much salt on and they don't get cool effects like in this close-up!  I have them use a small pinch at a time.

The students also used white oil pastel to draw some space details in the background before they painted if they wanted to.

I have four more classes to finish up next week.  My 4th and 5th graders are finishing up their perspective pieces as well.  Next week as they finish up, I will be grading, grading, and more grading until I see rubrics in my sleep as our marking quarter is coming to and end.  

Enjoy your long weekend if you have Martin Luther King Day off still!  Some districts in New Jersey lost it to make-up days for the days lost from Hurricane Sandy.  For the past two years the teachers in my district have also had the day off.  It used to be an in-service day for the teachers and we would be at school for professional development. 

Yeah!  Three day weekend!  :)

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  1. Nice lesson to make basic perspective have some pizazz! I always love the salt trick with watercolors; it is a perfect contrast here to the boxes.