Sunday, January 5, 2014

Back to School ...

Don't you wish sometimes you could just curl up in any cozy spot and fall asleep like that?  Tomorrow I go back to school with no snow days in the forecast so I need to get my brain in gear and figure out what I've got going tomorrow...

I spent yesterday working on my new school bag...  cutting, sewing, looking, changing, sewing again...

I'm at the point where I am putting together the lining...  The bag itself is coming out larger than I thought it would ( I am making it up as I go ) I have a couple of belts that match that I am going to make into the straps. They came with some capris I bought last summer and I never used them. I think they will look cool as the straps and they are very strong, which is good since I over load my school bag. I will have to sew them on by hand since they are too thick for me to sew over with the sewing machine. I used some old jeans for the sides and bottom panels. Never throw out a pair of jeans that you can cut up and sew into a project!

I so love this print! I don't want to cover any of the birds with pockets on the front so I will be doing some creative pocket placement...

                               Finally a pattern I am happy with! I'm feeling the yarn love again! :)

Hoping to finish it up tonight/tomorrow.  I will be crocheting as I watch the first episode of Season 4 of Downton Abbey tonight! I got my husband hooked last year... he never thought he would be interested but the characters pulled him in! His favorite show is The Walking Dead... (dead zombies are not my favorite) enough said.

It's dreary and rainy here this afternoon, it felt like a heat wave! The temperature got up to 36 degrees F! The snow finally melted off my driveway! It was so cold the past two days that even with the rock salt on the driveway nothing was melting!

This corner looks so bare without the Christmas tree...

Debating on lighting a fire in the fireplace...  finishing up some laundry,
deciding what to make for supper...  spent the afternoon cleaning.

 Quiet day... tomorrow will not be so quiet!

I will be back to running around and working with the kids. Hectic, but I actually miss the chaos of the kids! Ha! Remind me I said that at 3:30 tomorrow when I'm sitting in my faculty meeting wiped out and thinking to myself that I can't wait to get home and collapse!

Hope everyone had a great break! Until I can find the time to talk again...

                                                           Mrs.C  :)


  1. Oh, I love that print of fabric! JoAnn's, right? I've eyed it for some time. I wouldn't want to cover the birds either! So are the pockets going on the denim sides or inside? I can't wait to see how it turns out. And the belt/straps sound like a good and strong solution. Now, come over and teach me how to knit like THAT, wow!

    1. I LOVE the fabric!!! I made my daughter crazy when I saw it at Joanne's before Christmas! I was like, "I love it, I can't live with out it!" and then, "No, I can't possibly pay that much for a yard of fabric! " I bought a half a yard and used a 40% off coupon on it. So in the end I splurged! I don't know what i'm going to do for the pockets yet ... I actually have the back pockets from the jeans that I am going to use somehow... I'm going to have to sew the heck out of the straps so they are strong enough! I am in awe of your mad felting skills! You do some gorgeous pieces! I taught myself to crochet over the past 5/6 years. I started with a book that was for little kids and went from there! Of course when my grandmother and aunt wanted to teach me I was not interested enough to really pay attention! You Tube is great because you can actually see the person making the stitch and I can pause and go back as much as I need to until I get it! I 'll post pics of the bag when I finally finish it up. :)

  2. Gorgeous fabric, Don't you love a day that you can take at your own speed, cleaning, cutting, sewing, and of course Downton! We have not watched it yet, maybe tonight.

  3. I love these type of make-it-up-as-you-go sewing projects! I love the fabric too - the rich vibrant colors are fabulous. I look forward to seeing the finished bag!!

  4. By the way, love the tortoise-shell kitty; I have one too!