Monday, January 20, 2014

Ok, So Maybe I do Procrastinate...

Since Saturday I have gotten very little school work done! ( I am going to finish today sometime, I swear! )  I did take down my winter bunting and decorated the fireplace for Valentines Day...

I did finish this WIP yesterday...  I started this piece this Fall and never got very far.  It was supposed to be a large infinity scarf. It has been re-born as a medium sized very tall cowl. It came out really cute! ( sorry, no finished pic, my daughter instantly adopted it and is wearing it at school today)  I have more of the yarn and I may have to make another for myself...

So in my procrastination on Saturday I decided to give this pattern a go! If you go to the site through my pin there is a link to the pattern, on the right, in the comments on the page. 

At first when I saw the pattern I thought, " What? "  The pattern is a graph. I have become pretty good at reading graphs, but usually they are accompanied by directions, in English...

The directions are written in what looks like Russian or something like it...  I thought what the heck and gave it a go after looking it over and translating the stitch symbols in my head...

 I really LOVE how its turning out! The picture doesn't do the colors justice, they are pretty shades of steely, blue-gray. ( it's really cloudy and dark here today so the light was not good for photos ) If you give it a go it is definitely more than the 14 rows it shows in the graph, I have kinda deciphered that you are to repeat rows 6-13, 9 times... I think,  it says 9x rz 6-13 amongst the Russian. I'm going with that...  I just found the 4 row repeat in the pattern and keep repeating it! I'll keep going until it's a size I like. 

I only had two balls of the color so I went off armed with my 40% off coupons and my Teacher Discount and went to Joann's Fabric to get more...  mind you it takes about a half-hour to get to this store, it's about 4 towns over from me...

I get there to find the yarn isles ( which are normally very well stocked ) greatly depleted! Just about all of the Amazing yarn colors were gone! Of course, the color I needed was gone! I found myself saying out loud," Really! I just drove all the way over here! "  The woman in the isle with me said, " I feel your pain, the colors I need are gone also."  There must have been some huge yarn sale this weekend I didn't know about... :(

Three stores and an hour and a half later I found what I needed 15 minutes from my house!  Seriously?!?! I paid more ( no 40% off coupons for this store ) but I grabbed them so I could finish up the shawl.  

I'm trying to stay warm... it's a bit chilly here in NJ right now and we are supposed to get more snow Tuesday night into Wednesday ( I have already jumped off the snow train, I'm done with snow, hit my quota for the Winter and would like Spring to come, NOW! )  I'm loving my tie-dye leggings! Found them at the mall while my daughter was shopping for jeans Sunday.  They're a knit and really cozy, Oh, and they only cost $5 bucks! Marked down from $20.00, only one pair and in my size! Pays to look around while your teenage daughter takes forever in the dressing room! :)

Well, I'm done sharing what I have been doing this weekend ( instead of the work I'm supposed to be doing...) I'm off to heat up a bowl of soup and see how much more of the shawl I can get in before I need to stop and finish loading my SGO data onto spread sheets ( Oh, joy...)

                                                       Mrs."C"  :)

UPDATE: as of 3:52 p.m. I have finally finished my paper work for school ( Yeah! )  I'm back to crocheting my shawl!  :)  Now they are saying the snow will start tomorrow morning now... oh,yeah...


  1. I am loving that shawl and think I just might get the pattern. And I LOVE those leggins, super cute.
    Good for you with the paperwork,

    1. Give it a try! I think you will like it! You have to keep track of the pattern but after a while it gets stuck in your head and gets easier! :)

  2. I just love the picture you've painted of eating soup and knitting by a big fireplace while the snow is falling! So cozy. Your scarves are awesome.

    1. The chaos in the wings is so easy to hide in bloggy land! It all looks so cozy until you realize that to the left is several piles of laundry on the kitchen floor, the washing machine and dryer sounds droning through the house! ( Hah! ) but I'm glad you imagined the other! :)