Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lazy and Doing What I Want...

Laying around and enjoying my Spring Break! 
I am absolutely, totally, 100% alone and loving it! Everyone is either at work or school...

I am happily stuck in the house today, drinking way too much coffee! I need to switch to tea as I am feeling just a wee bit too jittery from caffeine overload. Tea caffeine doesn't bother me, coffee caffeine sets me loopy! 

My pussy willow tree has bloomed and is starting to bud leaves, the Forsythias are trying to bloom ( we had a cold snap last week after two days of 70 degree F weather, it actually snowed a half an inch Tuesday night with 5 degree F wind chills!) Yesterday was gorgeous and sunny! Most of the week is looking the same way! 

I have been living in the same jeans for the past couple of days and they are now all stretched out and super comfy... ( admit it, you do the same thing...) I'm going no where today, as my car is at the tire center getting much needed attention. They are putting on 4 new tires. I have needed tires all winter, but you know, life kept getting in the way and other things needed to be addressed first. My tires had become pretty desperate though and I quote Ralphie from, A Christmas Story, " My old man's tires were actually tires in the academic sense. They were round and once made of rubber." Yeah, that was my tires, sadly... They are also putting on new brakes, fixing the alignment ( NJ is pot hole hell this year... the town just filled the caverns and craters on the  joining road to my street yesterday. I noticed when I started to do the daily strategic, swerve around the pot holes yesterday afternoon  :)  Our roads are literally swiss cheese... ) and doing an oil change. ( Update: garage called, lot's of little things wrong causing all the quirks my car had going on... maybe not getting that new refrigerator just yet...  :(  

I went to Michael's to pick up a few things I needed to make this t-shirt.  The Friday back from Spring break is " Show your Super Power Day" as 3d-5th grade is getting ready to start State testing, NJASK the following week. This is the last year for NJASK, next year NJ will be implementing the PARCC test ( Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) ( that be a lot of words... ) I ironed some light interfacing to the inside to stabilize the shirt for sewing the fabric on the front and the embroidery I am now doing. 

I'm ready to start the lacy border on the Nordic Shawl I've been working on... ( this is the third one I've made. Just finished my Mom's yesterday...)

I am going to start the Loopy Lou Poncho as soon as I finish the shawl... 

I also picked up this sketch book ( it was on clearance and has really nice, heavy paper in it ) and...

these Prismacolor watercolor pencils... ( I wanted Derwent, I really love Derwent colored pencils but they have gotten way, way out of my budget! )

I did a little sketching yesterday and played with my new pencils... ( I did pick up some individual Derwent drawing pencils though...  :)

                                                 Love the watercolor pencils!
                                    Well, that's it for now going back to stitching...

                                                            Mrs."C"  :)


  1. I love that you are getting some alone time, wearing your jeans and creating. It sounds like a perfect break to me.

  2. Yay, a 'tortie' cat like mine!

  3. We are very much alike! Hope you are refreshed! Mrs. C2