Thursday, April 17, 2014


At 3:30 p.m. this afternoon, a mass exodus of teachers flowed out the doors of my school... there was no staying until 4:00 or 4:30 to catch up loose ends, grade or work on plans. No, this was the much anticipated and long awaited for moment that marked the official start of Spring Break! I finished organizing the drying 3d grade prints, put lids on the paint cups, cleaned the last of the paint brushes I had thrown in the sink, rinsed out the water containers and neatly stacked them on the shelf above my sink. I grabbed my things, locked my door, went down the hall to say, "good-bye and have a great break!" to several people and got in my car and left without looking back!
               Enjoy these pic's of flower paintings with concentric line design centers that my 1st graders are working on! ( these are still in progress, but they are turning out so awesome I wanted to share! ) If your also off this coming week, ENJOY! If not have a good week where ever you are!      Mrs."C"  :)


  1. Love the flowers. How did you approach this lesson?

    1. The first class I had the kids trace a large circle tracer( so they all had the same size). We discussed different types of lines( a review) and then I demonstrated drawing in concentric circles in the large circle shape they traced. You could address Kandinsky's circles if you want, I didn't, only because I was looking for a filler for my kids that were done early with our last project so others could finish up. Once they drew them out I had them trace them in crayon( oil pastel would work too) once traced I let them paint over their designs with watercolor. I used this as an opportunity to re-stress the importance of rinsing out their brushes between colors and basic watercolor use. The second class I had the kids cut them out, glue them down on a large paper and I demo'ed how to add to the circle with shapes, lines to create a flower. Then I let them loose with their brushes! I had to spread some of the kids out on the floor because their papers were so big they didn't all fit on the table. They are really enjoying painting them! I think part of the enjoyment was working with such a large paper and being able to simply create as they liked! :)

  2. I have just "discovered" you on Pinterest. I love your pins, I love your ideas, your work and your GENEROSITY. I start following you at once! Thank you and happy Easter!

  3. Happy Spring Break! And Happy Easter too.