Saturday, July 5, 2014

Finally Finished...

I finally finished a couple of projects I had on my crochet hook... I turned my Maybelle Flowers into a garland for the fireplace mantel the other night...

...ignore the rug cleaner I just saw that I forgot to vacuum up! Whoops!...

This South Bay Shawl is finally off my hook... I made this one bigger the others I have made ( there have been several) it's an easy pattern to hook, it's pretty, but, after a while I get bored with the pattern. I will start to make stupid mistakes in the repeat that I don't find until a row later and have to rip it all out and fix it! I re-hooked the last two rows about three times! I end up hooking on auto-pilot and start hooking the wrong pattern! It's done now though and I love it!

I've been using this cotton/acrylic blend. It's really soft and feels like cotton but without the scratchy, stiffness some cottons have. It's perfect for a summer piece. It's hard to find though... I picked up four colors ( 3 balls each ) at an AC Moore near my school.  It was on a random display they had gotten for the spring... I picked up the colors melon, light blue, medium purple and a multi-color of turquoise, blue, white and tan. I used up most of the melon for a triangle granny shawl and the light blue for the South Bay shawl. I'm going to use the purple for this Blue Lagoon shawl  from Lily Go. I've been using the multi for accents on the other shawls. I'm going to have to order the other colors I want to try from on-line... 

...close-up of the pattern and border... 

Off to run errands now! Have a happy! 

Mrs."C"  :)


  1. Love your fireplace and your cozy home. I have had to restart my current shawl about a million times but I just love it, love your too.

    1. Thanks Meredith! The Blue Lagoon shawl is driving me crazy!!! I ripped out the first 5 rows 4 times last night! I finally gave up last night and restarted this morning. I am only going by reading the charts with it now... I can't make sense of the written directions! I've finally made it to the 8th row without rip outs! Now the repeats start... this ones gonna be a bugger but I'll get it! :)