Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shibori, Netflix, Cookies and Rain...

As my son so politely put it, I have entered the 21st century having finally signed up for a Netflix account... just never got around to getting one but after being hounded by teenagers I signed up this morning.  My daughter set it up on our Wii in the family room... when she was done watching something I was scrolling around the choices ( way too many choices! ) and found, ready, ( drumroll...)  Twin Peaks! I have been watching it all afternoon as I worked around the house today! I forgot how kooky this show was!

I spent the time it took to watch the pilot for Twin Peaks ripping out the seams on a skirt that I never wore. The colors were really, really bright until I bleached it out yesterday...

I then got up and made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies.  While I was waiting for the cookies to bake I was walking around the kitchen tying up these...

The pieces of the skirt, a green scarf and my son's white t-shirt.  Last night I was wandering around Pinterest and came across some Shibori pins and inspiration hit! 

I had a tye-dye kit I had picked up because my son wanted to tye-dye one of his t-shirts. 

got this in AC Moore
I found some wood scraps in the workroom, grabbed some green string from my stash
and tied up the pieces of the skirt I deconstructed and a green scarf I picked up a few years ago in Wal Mart on the cheap... if the whole thing bombs nothing lost ( never wore the skirt and barely used the scarf) .  

I set up the kitchen table as the dying station as it was pouring rain this afternoon so tye-dying on the deck became a negative. The tied up pieces are all soaking in a soda ash solution.

I used the blue to dye my pieces. I added some red for purple accents on a couple...

Everything is wrapped up in plastic bags to cook for 12-24 hours...  
Tomorrow morning I'll take the pieces apart and see what I get...
I'm impatiently waiting...
Well, back to Twin Peaks...  :) 


  1. Isn't Netflix Great?! I just finished watching Lost. I had never seen an episode and decided to give it a whirl. I got totally hooked. I have plans to do some Shibori with a class next week. I've never tried it. I hope you post your results and any helpful hints. :) Oh and those cookies....yum!

  2. I'm anxious to see how your Shibori turns out!!

  3. How fun to tie dye. Listen you ae not the only one who is late to Netflix, I have signed up but never watched a thing, I am not so great at sitting down except late in the evening and then it is usually an inning or two of baseball.

  4. The shibori looks fun! I'll be interested to see the result.

    But what really drew me to this post is the mention of Twin Peaks! We loved that crazy show! Agent Cooper and the Log Lady and creepy scurvy-looking Bob, dancing midget in the red room...what fun!

  5. There was a scene where the police chief was describing who all the townsfolk were at a town meeting to Agent Cooper , when Cooper asked him who the lady with the log was flicking the lights on and off he calmly says , " We call her Log Lady" I got so hysterical I couldn't talk or breathe! You know, one of those moments where it really was not that funny, but you go completely hysterical and can't stop laughing... :)