Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Some fabrics I bought to make into skirts have become part of a small, simple lap quilt that I pieced yesterday afternoon...  I should still have enough for a skirt from them ( I bought way too much fabric...) . 

It's overcast and humid today... we had a big thunder and lightning storm late last night...
This is what most of New Jersey really looks like... trees, mountains., lakes, farms, beaches, ocean, ... the part that looks like trash is a small portion compared to the rest of it, which is very beautiful... ( when people outside of Jersey think of the state they only picture things like Port of Newark, 

Port of Newark

Paterson, ( this photo actually makes it look not too bad, lol...)


the parkway, etc...) 

ah, the NJ Parkway, where you need to pay tolls every few miles and you need to pay to get on and off, lol... this is what people drive in to go down to the Jersey Shore... that's normal traffic...

Everything is very wet, so no coffee on the back deck this morning ( it's too humid too, yuck! )

My marigolds are loving the heat and humidity and have finally started to fill in...

Not all of my plants are loving our crazy, "it's hot/humid/ it's cold/breezy" weather that we have been having this summer... my large heirloom begonias are slowly biting the dust...  :(   too many crazy weather changes for them... 

Other plants are completely digging our wacky weather! The coleus and fake licorice plant are taking over, which is good because there is only one begonia left in there! 

This begonia is still going strong...  :)

My fuschias are happy as long as I remember to water them every morning! The geraniums are growing like crazy! 

The mountain is lush from all the rain! Everything is so green! 

The weeds are loving all the heat, humidity and rain also! The birdbath and Tigerlilies are being invaded! I had this whole section weeded out! Too hot to go out there and weed today... put that on the list for later this week when the weather turns back to comfortable...

More weeding, trimming to do in back... the Hostas are lost in there... 

Bird feeder down! The bear must have been around again... that won't be going up again for a while now... sorry birds...

These Begonias are super happy! One of the pots fell off the railing the other day in a storm and got smooshed! :(   It's on the mend and looking better... note to self: move the Begonias before big hail storms! We had hail the size of quarters the other day! It was crazy!

Not my porch but this was the same hail storm from 3 July 2014.  It hit my neighborhood a few minutes later...

I hate to break this to her, but I am going to be pulling the quilt out from under her in a minute to work on it...

Hope everyone is having a restful week...  I am...  :)

Mrs."C"  :)


  1. Ok, you kicked me in the butt. You've inspired me to get out of bed and into my studio. Needed it, thank you :)

    1. Glad I inspired you to get up and create! I have been in a manic, creative frenzy ever since school got out! I love it! I am completely out of school mode! This is exactly what I needed to re-charge my creative batteries! :)

  2. The quilt is going to be amazing in those fabrics, and good for you having enough left over to make the skirts. It is dreadfully hot and humid here, yuck. You are so right I do not think of NJ as green and hilly.
    Hugs to you,

    1. It was really humid here today! I was in and out a few times and yuck! Sadly my poor state has always gotten a bum rap... it really is beautiful here in most places! There is way more to New Jersey than than the stereo typical stuff they show you on tv. Oh and we have the best tomatoes ever! It's tomato season here and I am in Jersey Tomato heaven right now! Did you know that we have big cranberry bogs in southern NJ? They don't call us the Garden State for nothing :) Have a great week! :)