Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2nd Grade Painting Fun and 3d Grade 1-Point Perspective

My favorite kind of Valentine! A special note from one of my second graders on Friday.  Since I 
missed all my other K-2nd grades last week due to snow and snow oh yeah, and more snow My Friday K-2nds are now way ahead of everyone else! So we had some messy fun! 

We painted and scraped papers that we are going to turn into some cool Valentine themed projects on Friday( Valentine's Day )

The kids LOVED it! How can you not love painting and creating? 

While the kids were in line at the sink( I have one sink and sometimes end up scrubbing their hands for them quickly because they just stand there running water over them staring at them while 15 other kids stand behind them with very messy hands. Long line+ messy hands = big disaster in the making! I move them along quick if they lollygag and play in the water! ) one of the kids looked at the sign I have over the sink and said," Hey! Our hands look just like that picture!"  ( Hah! They really did! )

My third grades are finishing up their 1- Point Perspective drawings... Everyone is doing a great job and is eager to show each other their pieces! 

I started the lesson out by giving each table one of these visuals that I made. Each table worked together for a few minutes to discuss and answer the two questions on the following sheet...

One student wrote for the group and one or more students read us their answers. After this team work session I demonstrated using 1-Point Perspective to turn their 2-D shapes into 3-D forms.
The students practiced for the remainder of class.  The following week they began their final sketches.

When the kids were done they needed to fill out their crayon reflection...

They loved the crayon shape instead of just a plain piece of paper with reflection questions! They were even more excited when I said they could color the crayon if they wanted! The reflection was stapled to the bottom of their drawing. These are some that were finished last Thursday. Today's  3d grade classes began finishing and their pieces look amazing! 

(just some awesome random colors on one of the painting placemats)

Well, we have made it to Wednesday with no snow but, our luck has run out... we are certainly going to have a Snow Day on Thursday as the forecast is calling for 8-12 inches Thursday morning(early) into the afternoon. Today the maintenance guys were on the roof over my room hammering, banging and drilling! It was joyous ( not ) . They were removing the ice in the gutters because the ice is melting and backing up into the roof and causing leaks in the ceilings around the building.  Here's to everyone having a great ( non-banging, hammering, drilling ) rest of their week! 
Mrs. "C"  :)


  1. Loved this post. I like seeing how your week goes with your students and what projects your working on with them. I cant wait to start teaching my very own student :) I have my masters theses to finish. Until then I will just have to live vicariously through you haha

    Hope the rest of your week goes well.

  2. I sure hope you kept that Valentine, that one is priceless. Hugs,