Friday, February 21, 2014

Torn Paper Hearts - 1st Grade

What do you do with a 1st grade class that is way ahead of every other 1st grade class? You make torn paper hearts!

This is my example ( on my truly disgusting, dirty white board, yuck!!! )( I hate white boards... give me a chalk board any day! )  This actually started as a sub project for a couple of kindergarten classes one afternoon when I had to leave early.  

I tore up a bunch of painted paper scraps from our "share" box in the art room. ( if we cut something from painted paper we never throw out the scraps! If the student does not want to keep their scraps for a project at home they put it into the "share " box and we ALWAYS find a use for them! )

I pre-cut some really big hearts. I gave simple directions to glue the painted paper scraps all over they paper to cover it. Pieces could be kept the way they were or torn into what ever shape/size they wanted.

This was the perfect activity for a crazy Wednesday before a huge snowstorm ( that evening and into the next couple of days on and off ).  

I also put crayons on the tables and gave the kids the option of coloring in some of the white spaces between the painted paper shapes.

Some of the kids were very meticulous where they placed their paper pieces...

Some finished pieces... they came out really cute! the kids were excited to take them home for Valentine's Day! 

Remember this snow pile outside my classroom window from the other week?

Well, this is what it looks like now...

It is the entire length of my windows and then some... there is so much snow on the roof that's  now melting that we have MANY a leaky ceiling in our classrooms! 
One of my 3d graders was looking at the ceiling on Thursday afternoon... I asked him what he was looking at and he said that something had just dripped on his head! Ok, everybody at that table was quickly moved and my recycling can was placed under the leak. Some classes have  three/four leaks they're catching! 

It has been in the 50's the past two days and today it rained ( a lot ) which although there is some minor flooding, it's awesome because it is melting the snow! ( yeah! ) 

On a different note...
I am taking my first on-line class in March at The Art of Ed.

I'm excited to start! Is any one else out there taking it? or have taken it? Have you taken any other classes from The art of Ed? Which ones? Did you like them? 
Hope every one has a great weekend! Talk to you soon!
Mrs."C"  :)


  1. Crikey - what a fantastic source of inspiration you are! I run a small lunchtime craft club with my primary children and am always on the look out for new stuff - I think I might be here for a while! Lovely to meet you x Jane

    1. Thanks Jane! Check out the other blogs on my Blog List on the right hand side ---> They are also and infinite source of inspiration!!! :)

  2. The heart project is a great idea for a sub. I have to be out for a few days in May and just might adapt it for my first grade classes. Maybe flowers or birds? You're going to love taking an AOE class. I took the iPad one last school year and learned so much from everyone on the class. I'll probably take another this summer when I have more time.

    1. This can totally be adapted for any subject matter! The larger pieces were key for those kids who would other wise get quickly bored gluing lots of little pieces down! Thanks for the thumbs up about your AOE class! I'm excited to start mine! :)

  3. Look at all those sweet hands being so creative. I love the projects.

  4. I grew up with scratchy chalkboards I would take white boards any ole day :)

    1. My one school is over 80 years old and some of the classrooms still have the original slate chalkboard...they are so smooth to write on! My art room has one but they covered most of it up with my Smartboard is good for some things but it sucks to write and draw on... to each their own! :)