Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Stop, Think, Ask....

What a beginning to the week already! Monday was a Snow Day as we had 8 inches of snow yesterday and we are looking at another storm tomorrow ( Wednesday ) and another this weekend!!!

I made this sign this morning before my 5th grades came in... last Tuesday there was not a lot of thinking going on before, during or after they were working on their paintings! So, I made this sign and explained to them that if by chance, after I give the directions ( usually 5 seconds after I give them) they find themselves unable to remember what to do next, they need to Stop, Think about what I said, if they still can't remember they are to Ask one of their table mates what they are to do. If they still don't understand then they can come ask me.

It seems to have helped... I don't feel I made this face at all this morning!  :)

I REALLY want to be back here in beautiful Bermuda! I would go back to that island in a heartbeat! With all the snow and cold weather we have been having just looking at the pictures from our cruise last summer makes me feel better... it will get warm again... it just can't happen soon enough for me this winter! :)

Over the weekend I did some stash-busting instead of caving in to the temptation to go look at yarn ( which would have resulted in my buying said yarns without knowing what I wanted to do with them ) I bought this pattern from My Rose Valley  . It's such a pretty shawl! I have been on a shawl kick this winter! I changed some of the pattern around to accommodate the yarns I was using and this is what I came up with...
                                                               this beauty...

I really love how it came out! Here's a close-up...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! :)  The colors just worked! I had three balls of gray left from this shawl...

I finished this one last week finally! It took a while, I had to keep ripping sections out because I would screw up the repeat and wouldn't find it until an entire row later when it wasn't matching up! I had to put it into "crochet time-out" a few times until I was done being ticked at it! I love it now that it's done! It was worth the time and effort!
I also had two balls of a really nice green that I made another piece out of and some various bits of other colors. 

I have another shawl pattern that I am going to start after supper, I only have one ball of the yarn I
am going to start with so I will have to go get more if I like how it works up. I bought it for a hat that my mom wanted but she picked a different color. 

Well, the weatherman is forecasting snow and ice for tomorrow so we will have to see what happens... I'm thinking another Snow Day... well, this will give my Monday classes a chance to catch up to the Wednesday ones! 
Stay Warm and hope you are having a sunnier week where you are! 
Mrs."C" :)


  1. First of all I love the sign, but then as I scroll down I find these amazing shawls. Oh my goodness they are so beautiful. This is by far the nicest shawl I have seen of the many out there from Annette's pattern, simple gorgeous, they are my colors so I am exceptionally impresses. And the gray one is amazing! Oh my gray makes me swoon. Stay warm and dry.

  2. Thanks Meredith! I am completely in love with my version of the Nordic Shawl! I'm going to make another I like it so much! This time I will buy some yarn specifically for it, although the random " use what ever I have" really worked so much better than I could imagine! This time I will follow the Rose Valley pattern without having to diverge from lack of yarn yardage! It's the perfect size shawl! It will be perfect for Spring! :)