Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Moment of Time...

Gorgeous daffodils on my kitchen island... close your eyes and smell them... it's Spring :) ...

Banana bread cooling on the counter... house smells yummy... ( one plain and one with mini chocolate chips )

a cup of tea...

It's snowing again... about 3 inches so far... thought it had stopped but it started again... I'll go scrape the driveway later...

Everyone is gone to work or school, this is my last vacation day for President's Day.  The cat( Sweetie Pie, although she wasn't so sweet last night! She was a menace and kept waking me up crawling all over me and head butting me to rub her ears! It's the middle of the night! Go to sleep! I had to close the bedroom door, to which she then sat outside the door and meowed! )  and I are enjoying some Jane Austin... I have a great fondness for Jane Austin, alas I am the only one in the house that enjoys her stories, I am usually met with eyes rolling and "uuuggghhhhhh..." if I put one the movies on when others are home ( sure, now the cat's resting...)  There is something to be said for being the only one home when you have been cooped up with everyone through 5 days of continuous snow storms! ( OMG! I just looked up and it's snowing like crazy out there! I can't see the mountain across the street! ) 

I finally finished my blue shawl that has been laying around here for the past several weeks, Meredith, from Mereknits suggested I should name it the Snow Day Shawl and so it is! 

It's a pretty pattern, I found it through this pin.  I used the pattern as a guide but changed it up a little...

I washed it up on hand wash with a little baking soda, the yarn had a funky smell...  it's Red Heart Unforgettable-Tidal . I have used it before in other colors and it works up nicely with a lot of drape. It washes up very soft but it's acrylic and does have a weird smell until you wash it! 

Well, I'm going to have a piece of banana bread and enjoy my peace and quiet while I can! Tomorrow it's back to school, I left last Wednesday and I am coming back on Wednesday! At this point I have no idea where we are or what we are doing! I'll go through my plans later on tonight... 

Hope everyone is having a good week so far... nothing against February, but hurry up March! 

Mrs."C"  :)


  1. A perfect name if I do say so myself! I love it and I love Jane Austin, I could watch Pride and Prejudice( the PBS version) everyday. I want to live in that era.

    1. Now that the Snow Day Shawl is done I'm hoping that means that the snow days are also! I'm moving on to finishing up the Daisy Granny blocks for my mother's afghan. Maybe the flower theme will help Winter to move on and Spring to move in! :)

  2. It's 70 here. Just saying. Sunny, warm and delightful. Trying to send some your way.... ^.^

    1. It hit 45 degrees here today! Woo Hoo! It actually rained instead of snow! It poured all afternoon! Its supposed to be 50 tomorrow and close to 60 on Friday in some areas! It's going to rain all day on friday, maybe it will wash a lot of this snow away! It was melting like crazy today... giant puddles everywhere...(not complaining!)