Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ok, I Am SOOOOO Done With Snow!!!

This was the view outside my classroom window on Tuesday after an unexpected snowfall of 8 inches on Monday which resulted in a Snow Day on said Monday...

This is the same view, today, Thursday, after yet ANOTHER snowstorm on Wednesday that dumped another 12 inches of snow and some ice on us! The snow pile is around 8 ft tall....  it actually blocks the view completely from 2 of my 4 windows. One of students sitting near those windows today said," Mrs."C" the snow is so high I can't see out the window!" .  Yeah, I noticed...

I stopped at the A&P (food market) on the way home for some groceries. The snow piles in the parking lot look like Mt.Everest! I'm am not exaggerating! You could ski down them! They are taking up a good portion of the parking lot! You have to pull up carefully to them when entering the parking lot because you can't see what is coming around the corner (snow mountain).

I think I am going to start some Spring themed projects soon... maybe it will help to sway Mother Nature in the right direction...


  1. I support that idea of Spring Projects! Maybe if we all get on board, we can make it happen! We're suppose to miss a hit on Monday now, I hope the same will be true for you down in N.J.


    1. If only it actually work! :) We are suposed to get more snow Sat. into Sun. this one is only supposed to be 1-3 inches ( yeah, i've heard that one before) Stay warm!
      Mrs."C" :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hah! :) :) Had to look that one up! Yeah that's basically what it feels like around here! Before the unyielding snow it was sub-zero temperatures!

  3. I saw big piles of snow like that when I got to Ohio last weekend, but much of it was gone by the time I left. Hope your snow melts soon.

    1. They would disappear pretty quickly if the temperature would actually rise above freezing! We are supposed to get a few more inches this weekend... I'm to the point where I give up... I just keep reminding myself, " It will be warm again, it will be warm again... " :)