Sunday, August 24, 2014

Getting Ready for School...

I saw this on Pinterest today when I was looking around pins ( I have not roamed around Pinterest in a long while... ) I laughed out loud when I read it! I will be up at school this week to organize my art rooms and thus begins the end of the school's copy machine's vacation! The poor machines will soon be over used and begin to crap out just when we need them the most! I plan on getting any copying done before next week when the poor machines have a breakdown! The repair guy is always saying we make too many copies! ( lol... it's a school... )

At one point this afternoon I had to reach over the cat to scroll through Pinterest...  she snuggled up against the laptop because it was warm...

I, being the exciting person that I am, spent my Saturday night typing up my class lists for 3d-5th grade and starting my seating charts... several old movies later on Netflix today ( Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Steel Magnolia's and Turner and Hooch ) I am mostly done with them. I also coded my class lists and created my SGO Data sheets for 2nd and 5th grade.

                           I doodled up some of my big paper clips for my desk at school... I am school work burned out for the day... I am going to finish doodling my last desk organizer and paper clips tonight.  I'm taking a whole load of #$@^&%$ up to school tomorrow that has taken up residency in my family room and the back of my car...  :)

Time to crochet some new back straps for all my Birkenstocks... ( all my school shoes have to have backs on them, dress code... ) I threw out the straps from last year, they had seen better days...  

doodle close-up
I honestly don't feel like moving from my spot but dinner must be started and laundry must be finished...  Have a good week all! :)


  1. I spent my Saturday afternoon writing up tow of my little ones progress notes, 7 pages each, I think I am a bit wordy. So I hope that makes you feel better that not all of us are having exciting times, it does feel good to get them done though.

  2. I always loved doing all that crazy back to school stuff - making a giant colorful schedule, class lists, etc. don't know why, but I actually sort of miss making that schedule chart. There's something about playing with markers...

    Speaking of which - I love your doodles, and am EXCEPTIONALLY glad you called them doodles and not Zentangles! I am so sick of them....

  3. Love the doodles, quite eye catching.