Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lazy Saturday...

... at least I think it's Saturday...  not being in school and having a set schedule I lose track of what day it is! That will all end soon as the new school year is approaching! One of my art rooms is pretty much ready and I have one more to go work on.  School starts for me Tuesday, the day after Labor Day. Our students come back on that Thursday...
I started a new new shawl... a cute little crocodile stitch in the squishiest, softest yarn. It's called, Woolike, by Loops and Threads, distributed by Michael's Arts and Crafts stores. It's a #1 super fine and I'm using an F hook (3.75 mm). The color in my photo is a little off, it's got more of a muted teal into the blue. It's a great color I couldn't resist it the other day. The crocodile scales are coming out tiny, I really like how it's working up, it's going to have a nice drape when it's done.

picture is the property of Creative Designs by Sheila Zachariae

The above picture is from Creative designs by Sheila Zachariae.  If you don't know her blog and you love to knit and crochet, head on over! She has some great patterns and I have bought several from her. Her patterns are clear and easy to read and she provides pictures of different steps.  I saw her new blog post last night and this pretty crocodile stitch scarf was front and center! I pulled out my new yarn and started right away!

I gathered some rose leaves and rose hips this afternoon from my garden so I can do some more eco-printing this afternoon! 

Two scarves drying after an iron mordant. One is a silk and wool blend and the other is all silk. More scarves from Dharma Trading. The quality and price of their product is great! They ship really fast also!

Off to do more laundry and feed teenagers before they die of starvation ( that's their words not mine... they're far from starving... )
                                                  Have a good weekend all!  :)


  1. Beautiful colour yarn and a delightful pattern, looking forward to seeing the end result. Have a great Sunday.

  2. I have never tried that stitch but it looks like a lot of fun, your new scarves are going to be so beautiful.