Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New School Shoes...

Remember when you were a kid and it was time to go out shopping for new school shoes? I stopped at The Dollar Tree today while I was out doing some errands. I have been on the hunt for inexpensive bins that I can use to store/organize supplies in the art room. The dollar store is always the first stop since, yes, every thing is $1.00 !  Perfect for a teachers budget... I found  some great bins for storing table hand sharpeners ( they are big enough that the kids can sharpen right into them and i can dump the shavings later) and some plastic totes that are the perfect size for placing colored paper and scraps at the tables for projects.
Right next store is a DSW shoe store... yeah, so I went in to daughter is at the shore with a friend so I was by myself, there were a lot of moms with kids trying on sneakers... made me think about back to school shoe shopping when I was a little kid... you went to the shoe store where the salesperson measured your feet for you! I loved looking at all the shoes! There was always a feeling of excitement about new shoes! 
Well, I saw these, tried them on, they are comfortable ( I have several other pairs of this brand, J-41 and they are comfortable to wear all day at school). I love, love the red and the MaryJane look! ( and I paid $40.00 less than the retail price)

These lovelies were waiting for me in the mailbox when I got home! I ordered them on-line the other day( never ordered yarn on-line but they were so pretty...) They are very soft and pretty... the yarn is much thinner than I expected but honestly I was going on what I read since I couldn't actually touch, feel or see them in person. Never the less, they will become something beautiful one day soon to come!  

I did a little prep work for school this morning... it's coming fast... need to get up to school and get my class lists so I can make up my seating charts ( oh joy... ) Enjoy the rest of your week, the weather has been glorious here! 


  1. Beautiful looking shoes and yarn, delightful.

  2. Love those shoes!!! I want a pair myself. Also love the yarn, Malabrigo is the best yarn ever, you can't go wrong with it.

  3. Oh my Gosh! Your shoes are ADORABLE!