Saturday, August 9, 2014

School Shopping!!!

I ordered my new personal planner this morning from Amazon.  I need something that I can carry with me in my school bag so that I can keep track of events at both schools and my personal life. When I saw this one the cover design screamed my style! I also like the set up inside and it's not too big.  It's supposed to be delivered by Thursday so I can start filling it up!

I was doing some school shopping today and I found these great bins at my local Dollar Tree store! I basically cleaned them out of all their red, blue and lime green bins! These are a perfect size to put markers, crayons and oil pastels in on the art tables! They have a hinged top that folds flat against the sides ( this way no lids will get lost...) At the end of the day they will stack very neatly!  Yeah! I'm so happy with them!  :) I just have to make labels for them now...

At Target I was looking for something I could use for my table bins that I have for my 3d-5th grade school. I like the plastic bins I used last year and they are already labeled for the tables but... since they did not have sections the pencils, scissors and glue sticks just rolled around together inside the bins and it made me crazy! I found these metal mesh make-up organizer pieces and knew these would be perfect! I got the long skinny one for pencils and the smaller rectangle one for scissors. They will fit perfectly in the bins and there will still be enough room for the glue sticks. No more digging for pencils! I also picked up some plastic tumblers at the A&P on clearance from their seasonal stuff to put colored pencils in for the tables.  

I need to start planning out lessons for the Fall and pre-assessments for my SGO's for this school year.  I still have 3 weeks before school starts but it will be here before I know it! There is still a lot of summer left and I plan on enjoying every minute of it!  
I'm finishing up a new summer shawl, have a couple more skirts I want to sew up and some Eco-Printing I want to do this coming week. I'll post pics when I get them! :)


  1. Glad you are getting ready for the next school year, we have one more week left before the big day!

  2. The summer break seems to have gone by so quickly this year.