Saturday, January 16, 2016

Where you can find me...

                                                    Happy 3-Day Weekend everyone! :)

I find myself busy and creative as I hope you all do too! I hope you enjoy your long weekend!

I may not be here on Blogger that often any more but you can always find me on:

Twitter as @teryartteacher  or on Instagram as @rainbowskiesanddragonflies  come by and visit my pages if you are there also! :)

                                                               Have a great weekend!
                                                                       Mrs."C"  :)

Friday, November 27, 2015

How Time Flies....

 It's been a while since I have posted, sorry but life has a way of happening and some things have to get put on the back burner and posting on here has been that thing... I've been around just busy with school and home and trying not to burn out, being very mindful of taking time out for myself to relax, reflect and create.  This little pic on top is a piece of scrap paper that had some paint splattered on it reminded me so much of the sunset we had here in NJ last weekend! It was the most incredible sunset! It started out as a beautiful, fantasy like blue, purple, pink in the Eastern part of the sky...

and as you looked to the West where the sun was setting it slowly turned into a fireball of glorious color! Mother Nature at her finest!

The whole state experienced it as there were posts all over social media of it that night! I hope everyone here in the US had a restful, happy Thanksgiving! No school today so I am going to be taking time to do some creating... I'm feeling the urge to make some decorations for the holidays from the nature in my woods... I'm thinking I might be foraging for some things I can turn into little wreaths for my Christmas tree and hang from my windows... it's going to a balmy 60 degrees F here today!(whoo hoo!!!) I'm loving this long warm Fall we are having and in no hurry for it to turn into a bitter, snowy NJ winter! It's been 30's at night and 40-50's during the day, I can deal with that!

 Well, finishing my coffee, getting dressed and a foraging in my woods I go! If you are off (from work,school) today here's hoping you take time to do something you enjoy...

                                                                             Mrs."C"  :)

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Best Pencil Sharpener You Will Ever Own!

Welcome the NEW Popular Purple Pencil Sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies

The NEW Popular Purple next to my tried and true Blue Classroom Friendly Sharpener!

I have been an owner of a Classroom Friendly Sharpener for several years now and it is hands down the best sharpener I have ever owned! See the following link for my past review of my first Classroom Friendly Sharpener!

Don't let the fact that it is a hand sharpener confuse you into thinking it's not a power horse of perfect sharpening!

The patented grip holds the pencil in place for a perfect point every time you sharpen it! Even those pencils that never seem to sharpen right or the ones that the point is constantly falling out! 

I can sharpen 25 pencils is about 6-8 minutes... well worth my time and effort since I will not have to sharpen them again usually for the rest of the day! 

For more information and to purchase one of these amazing sharpeners go to:

I'm thrilled that I now have one of these excellent, dependable sharpeners in both of my art rooms! 

                              Thank you Troy for creating a sharpener I can always depend on!  :)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Moving Along and a Creative Challenge...

Hi Everybody!  Hope you all had a creative and productive week! Art classes are up and running and it feels like we never left!

2nd grade is finishing up their Fall Warm/Cool Shape Flowers and have done their first self-reflection. They did a really good job with it! They answered some quick questions, What are the Warm colors? What are the Cool Colors? 2 things about your painting you are proud of and 1 thing about your painting you would change.

When their reflection was finished they moved on to creating a building or castle using only the four shapes, square, rectangle, triangle and semi-circle. Our next project is going to be a Klee inspired shape building in an oil pastel watercolor resist.  I've done a similar lesson several times with different grade levels and the pieces always come out beautiful! Working on how to creatively change it up from past lessons... this will finish up our shape review and we will move to our...

...tissue paper stained Jack-O-Lanterns! Second grade is eagerly waiting to create these! They remember seeing last year's and keep asking when we are going to make them! Hard to believe that when both these projects are complete we will be in November!

If you are a follower of Nic Hahn aka Mini Matisse,  she is going to be running a great creative challenge during the month of October! It's going to ton's of fun! I did several creative challenges on Twitter this summer with the #k12artchallenge  gang and it was awesome! Check this out if you are looking for a little creative spark in your world! It's open to anyone and everyone! There's no obligation to do a certain amount of participation, do what you can when you can, just jump in and give it a try!

I gathered up some old, (and I mean old, I found these old placemats when I cleaned out my paper shelf this summer, I save everything that I think may have a creative purpose one day people, simply I'm a packrat! ) scrap paper from watercolor placemats at school to glue onto some heavier paper for creating some ATC's for the #k12artchallenge ATC's . 

I spent a little time glueing them down and measuring out some cards. This is also great practice for me as I am going to have my 4th grades participate in the student ATC swap this November that Nic is hosting! My students are super excited about it! 

( floating spheres project idea from Fine Lines, Fancy Pants from Shine Brite Zamorano )

This week marked the end of my last chalk board... I loved my chalk board... all the chalk boards in the building were re-surfaced with a white board laminate this past week. Tuesday I was drawing on a chalk board, Wednesday it was white board... even the beautiful, original slate boards in the original part of the building(our school was built in the 1930's) were covered and modernized... do you sense my sadness? If you have never draw/written on a slate board... let me just say they were my favorite! I guess times are a changin'... I have a white board in my other art room and I have never been a white board fan but I will make the best of it... got any ideas for the chalk and masking tape I can no longer use on my white board?  I'm now using low tac painter's tape to hang my examples and papers that I demonstrate on... no harm to the white board surface and it holds my papers well! I also covered the magnets on my "clippy men" so they don't scratch the surface and I can still use them, I can't be with out my "clippy men" magnets! 

... considering that I have neglected my domestic duties since school has started and I have been lesson planning, SGO writing and assessing and in general collapsing after work I need to get off this computer and clean today, desperately, before we become an episode of Hoarders... 
Hope you all enjoy your first weekend of Fall! 
Have a creative and happy week all!
Mrs."C"  :)