Saturday, March 15, 2014

Still Here...

Sorry I have been absent of late...  today is a re-charging of my soul day... crochet and reading blogs... it's been extremely busy at school and at home leaving me with very little time and energy to catch up with all of you...

I'm busy at home taking an on-line class at The Art of Education. The class has been very eye-opening to how many different growth models there are out there and how everyone(different states)is using them! I forgot how much work there is in taking a class! We are also starting our Final Assessments for our SGO's for the State. There are still three months of school left so we are hardly at the end of teaching but the district needs our scores so they can put them on our annual evaluations... which raises the question, are the SGO's being implemented so we can see how our students are growing or to judge the effectiveness of the teacher?

Moving on... it is warm enough today to open the windows! I love the smell of fresh air and how it feels blowing on your face! The cats do also! As soon as I opened the windows they came running from where they were sleeping!

Our mountains of snow are starting to melt, actually a lot of it has melted but there is still a lot to go! I am going out to cut branches from my Forsythia today so I can force some of those beautiful yellow blooms in the house! It has actually hit 50 degrees today! ( woohoo!)  That's all I have for now folks... going into the kitchen to bake a couple of loaves of Irish Soda Bread for dinner tomorrow. I have 3 corn beefs to cook tomorrow. That may sound like a lot to those of you who are not Irish or love corned beef, but trust me, they will be gone in the blink of an eye! My husband is Italian, I'm part Irish(my Dad's side) but we all LOVE corned beef! My Mom will take some corn beef, Irish Soda bread and Scotch to the cemetery on St.Patty's day for my Dad  :)
Hope everyone has a great weekend and a Happy St.Patty's Day!
                                                  Mrs. "C"   :)