Thursday, July 2, 2015

Creative and Professional Growth...

Happy summer everyone! It's been a while since I've posted but all of the end of the year paperwork, two Family Art Nights and cleaning and organizing two art rooms left me with little time to do anything but collapse after school every night! I very often during the last two months had no clue what day it was... I just kept following my check list of what I had to get accomplished for that day...

Since finishing school a week ago I have been keeping myself busy...  during June I took part in a creative challenge from Journal Fodder Junkies . It kept me sane during the hectic month of June to stop for a few minutes each day and create in my journal... this is a quick look at some of the pages I created. There is definitely a growth in how I am approaching my journal as I work in it every day...

I have joined in on another creative challenge, The Every Day Renaissance . This challenge was put together by the very creative, Tim Needles .  Check it out, it's been a blast joining in, seeing what other creative minds think and connecting with some great people! 

I am also doing some Professional Development for school during the month of July. I am taking a course from The Art of Education .  I am taking the , Assessment in Art Education class. It runs for 5 weeks and I will get PD hours that I can put towards my annual PDP and Domains for next year. Most importantly, I am looking forward to learning some new ways to assess my student's growth in the art room. I took a class last spring, Showing Student Growth in Art and learned a lot. The course involves investing a good amount of time into it so I decided to take it when I can actually devote time to it. My district is paying for the class so that's a bonus! 

I will be popping in now and then during the summer updating what I'm doing but don't be surprised if my posts this summer are far and few between! I have a huge list of things, personally and professionally, I want to get accomplished while schools out... let's see what I get done!

                                                                      Mrs."C"  :)


  1. Have a wonderful summer, wishing you well on your course.

  2. Lovely journal pages. I particularly like the stitched pieces. Reminds me I ought to get my sketchbook out -- it's been awhile since I used it regularly. You've motivated me:)) Happy summer!