Saturday, December 20, 2014

3d grade Winter Forest Reflections

My 3d grade students are just finishing up some really beautiful winter forest reflection pictures. They only took us two 30 minute classes to complete.  One to draw out the trees with Crayola water base markers (broad) and create the reflections by wetting the bottom half and creating a mono-print and another class to add color to the sky and water/ice, add more detail to the trees with markers if needed, and paint the gently falling snow in the scene.  We worked with a 9x12 piece of white sulphite drawing paper.

I love how the space in the center that was dry and didn't print looks like snow on the ground! 

The kids liked them before we added the finished details, but they really loved them after the extra details!

                                              Each one has it's own personal beauty...

I have seen several different takes on this mono-printing idea, all beautiful.

These are just a few of the many... I have three more classes finishing up this week before our Christmas Break.

My 4th grades are extremely jealous that they didn't do these last year! I told them I will come up with an idea for this technique for them...  :)

For some of my kids this was a lesson in finding beauty in the not so perfect! I have some students that think everything has to be perfect and I am working on getting them to see the beauty in non-perfection! 

I saw this on Instagram and it made me laugh out loud, cuz I've been there! 
I have 1 and 1/2 days left before Christmas Break and I am looking forward to the long break to restore my "batteries" ( and regain my sanity... )

I'm off to continue working on this South Bay Shawl I started last night...I had to frog 2 rows because I screwed up the repeat and didn't find it until a row and a half later when the pattern didn't jive...  I always go into auto-pilot with this pattern and sometimes "V" stitch where I should be creating a single Double Crochet stick ( or visa-versa ). I saw the Lacy Shawl in the Simply Crochet issue 24 and decided I needed to make one. I love the border they put on it! 

Well, off to procrastinate cleaning the house for Christmas...  have a good beginning of your week and a wonderful Christmas! 
Mrs."C"  :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Just a Quick Hello...

Kindergarten Snow Globes

Just a quick ,"Hello!" this morning! I have been out of touch with the blog these past few weeks as the holidays and life in general has been keeping me super busy! The weather has been "Eh..." around here... cold, windy, snowy, today it's all ice and rain. Several counties in the area have delayed openings for school because everything is encased in ice...

The trees and bushes are glistening with ice... it's now raining like crazy now so it's all becoming a slippery mess...  :( 

I spent all of last weekend baking like a mad woman! I have a couple more types to go this weekend and my cookie gifting can begin! I think I'm going to make some small ornaments to attach to the cookie bags this year...  

I've been loving using Instagram to do almost daily updates on what's going on in the art room so if you are on Instagram pop over to @mrs.c_art to see what's been happening. You can follow the link at the top of on my sidebar on the righthand side of my blog if you are not a follower of IG! 
If you are in the Tri-state area drive careful today and the next few days as this Nor'Easter goes through! 

Mrs."C"  :)