Thursday, October 31, 2013

Primary Colors and Mondrian-Kindergarten and 1st Grade

This is what my white board looked like for several weeks in September! It was all about the primary colors in 1st Grade and Kindergarten! Let me tell you those kids are blowing my mind with their brain skills! They can recite the Primary colors from here to Sunday and tell you why they are the most important colors on the color wheel! One of the Kindergarten teachers told me the other day that she has heard her students talking about and using what we have studying in art class about color theory! ( we are now mixing the secondaries, we are finishing up orange and Warm colors and will be moving on to purple and green with cool colors starting tomorrow.

To start we looked at Mondrian's painting, Boogie Woogie Broadway. We discussed the colors, shapes and lines we saw. We even watched a video clip I found on You Tube where an animator created a 3-D animation based on the painting. The kid's loved it!

1st Grade proceeded by painting their square paper in using rectangles and squares using only the Primary Colors. 

We used the tempera paint cakes for this.

My Kinders got Primary colored construction paper that I cut into medium size rectangles and I demonstrated how to cut them into squares and rectangles of many sizes. They glued their shapes down onto their backgrounds. This was to reinforce their cutting and gluing skills.  They got black paper strips that they were able to cut to whatever size they wished when we added the black horizontal and vertical lines.

First grade stamped their horizontal and vertical lines onto their abstarcts using black tempera paint and cardboard scraps.

Some of these pictures have a reflection on them because they are part of an amazingly beautiful display in the front hallway at school.

We have moved into the Secondary colors in K-2 can't wait to show you what they have been doing!  I will take pictures and share soon! 3d grade is finishing up some patterned leaves that they had to write reflections on today, 4th is creating some abstract art from realistic beginnings and 5th grade is working with Forms and Visual texture.  Will share soon! I'm so proud of the kids and how hard they are working this year!

Well, it's Halloween here in N.J. The first one the kids in these parts have been able to celebrate in 2 years!!! No blizzard or hurricane this year! YEAH!!! I'm off to go watch the original Halloween and The Shining with my daughter! Trick or Treat!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and takes time to relax and re-charge!
                                                       Mrs. "C"


  1. How fun! The pictures are amazing.

  2. Thank you for sharing your great ideas. I'm doing maps with second grade and I wanted to end with an imaginary map that looked like a Mondrian style art. This gives me some direction.

  3. Hey Mrs. C!
    I love your blog and this project!
    Did you cover your bulletin display with cellophane wrap? If so, it looks like great protection! In the past, some artwork has been trampled in the hallway due to weak staples/ pushpins :/