Thursday, February 2, 2012

Laurel Burch inspired Cats

My Example
We're working on some patterned designed cats inspired by the Fantastic Felines of artist, Laurel Burch.  My second graders LOVED drawing these cats!  After we looked at some of Laurel Burch's cat paintings, the students got right to work on creating their own patterned cats!
I created a "How to Draw" sheet for the students to refer to while they were working, using the same directions to demonstrate on my white board how to draw their cats. I also showed them all the what not to do and how to fix common problems the students were having while sketching.  For example, too small, too short faces etc...

Beginning to sketch cat onto colored paper
Next the students chose from several colors to begin sketching their cats.  They drew them in pencil first and then traced them with a black Sharpie marker.

Next the Students began to add color,pattern and design to their cat sketches using construction paper crayons.

finished cats were cut out and glued to a white background

Students began to add border designs to complete their picture

Some completed cats


  1. So glad to find this! We are doing it in K-1 Arts Attack TODAY!!

  2. WE were inspired to create our own Laurel Burch Cats based on your design. We had to complete our project in 1 hour session so we used pastels. My homeschool kids are ages 7 -11. It was SO successful!

  3. Glad you all found this lesson helpful! This year instead of cats my 1st graders are doing Owls with patterns! Will post about it when they are done!

  4. I love these! I teach general ed Kindergaten.

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