Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Aftermath of Valentines Day


What was I thinking?  We started painting the backgrounds for our Waterlily Ponds for our Monet study in second grade today.  I think they all left their ears home and had candy overload from yesterday!  A few left with their hands still looking a little Smurf blue (they got a little too involved in the paint) but they got it done.  I found a great website that I was able to use in our discussion about Monet. It shows you pictures of what Monet's house and garden look like today and when he was alive.  The students were glued to the pictures and loved seeing actual photos of places in his garden he painted.  I'll post the finished paintings when they are done.  Now I need to roll up my sleeves and go scrub brushes, the sink, the floor.....

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